Pennzoil platinum vs ultra platinum? In Depth Review 2021

pennzoil platinum vs ultra platinum

Pennzoil is a company that manages to produce the most high-quality oil and lubricants product available in the market. So, when they came up with two new models which looked almost the same, people were easily confused about the differences and which one they should choose. So, who wins in pennzoil platinum vs ultra platinum?

Well, basically, both of these models are kind of the same and have a little difference. The only key difference I could find was the difference in pistons cleaning.

Since they are both quite alike, it can be difficult to choose only one from them. So, I have written a brief Pennzoil Platinum Review and a Pennzoil Ultra Platinum review to let you know more about the models.

Pennzoil Platinum Review

Pennzoil Platinum oil is designed while using Pure Plus Technology completely. That means the oil is totally purified and you can be assured that there are no impurities left behind. Hence, Pennzoil Platinum Synthetic Oil is regarded as one of the cleanest oils on the market.

Essentially, it makes the oil really efficient when it comes to cleaning the engine, and also, there are almost zero possibilities for any deposit formation. Let’s look at some of the amazing features they offer:

Superior cleaning

The Pennzoil Platinum Oil is known to provide long-lasting protection to your engine while making it less prone to any kind of build-up damage, friction, or sticky sludge deposits. Hence, keeping the engine clean and the components damage free is an important task done by the oil.

What’s unique about this oil can keep your engine 40% cleaner than the regular industry standards, thanks to the super active cleansing detergents. So, in brief, this oil has everything in it to keep the most important parts clean and safe from potential stubborn deposits.

Better wear protection

The Pennzoil Platinum oil is both API standards and ILSAC GF-5 passed making it better than the industry standard. So, you can be assured that this oil will never leave your engine in a mess even on a journey of thousand miles!

Resistance to varying temperatures

No matter how cold or warm the weather is, this oil will help your engine to start in any way which reduces the chance of internal engine damage due to the seizing. Moreover, the oil offers extreme heat tolerance when it comes to the heat given away by your engine. Hence, it’s an ideal fit for any modern vehicle you might be using.

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Review:

When I say that this oil has been regarded as one of the most satisfactory products Amazon, you are bound to believe all the good things about it! This oil is solely made for vehicle engines and not compatible with gear motors. Let’s check out the features they offer:

Formulated with purePlus technology

Just like I mentioned earlier, Pennzoil loves PurePlus technology and has been using it constantly to make better products with enhanced performance. Mainly, this technique was introduced but the company and other concerned teams to purify and convert the natural gas into high quality motor oil. The best thing is that this technique can produce 99.5% pure oil compared to general crude oil.

Extreme temperatures

The Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Motor oil is called an all-weather as well as all-temperature oil that’s capable of staying liquid even in extremely cold weather. Also, it won’t turn into gas even in extremely warm temperatures. Hence, pumping gets really easy and saves you a lot of fuel.

High-quality additives

The additives used in the oil along with PurePlus technology are undoubtedly one of the best ones no doubt. The unique mixer of sulfur and phosphorus enhances the lubrication as well as combustion which will work just as perfectly under extreme temperatures.

Certified to SN/GF-5

This certification means that this oil offers low volatility which improves the engine cleanliness and performance level drastically while also increasing the fuel economy by lessening the oil consumption.

Pennzoil Platinum vs Ultra Platinum

Now that you know about the best things these two separate models have to offer, you are bound to get confused about what’s the difference? You will be surprised to know that the only major difference between these models is the capacity of piston cleaning.

While the regular platinum can offer 40% cleaner pistons, the ultra-platinum can only ensure 25% cleaner pistons in his case. Also, there can be a slight difference in the viscosity levels but they are not really significant.


Is pennzoil ultra platinum dexos approved?

Exceeding the European as well as USA industry standards, Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil comes with exceptional protective additives that ensure optimal engine protection such as API SM, ILSAC GF-4, or SCEA performance.

Pennzoil Platinum is something designed to offer an excellent level of protection even under serious driving situations and styles. So, not only the Pennzoil ultra platinum is Dexos approved but also the SAE 5W-30 viscosity grade is Dexos approved making it compatible with Chevrolet, GM Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles.

Being Dexos approved, these oils are open to a wide range of possibilities. It only prevents harmful high-temperature deposits but also enables protection against viscosity breakdown. Besides, these oils make it easier to start up easily in low temperatures. Moreover, they are one of the perfect choices available due to the reduction of CO2 exhaust emissions they offer.

Can you mix pennzoil platinum and ultra platinum?

I personally don’t think that’s it’s a good idea. While both of these are different models from the same brand, they still have major differences. So, mixing them together can cause your engine to get nuts and stop at halfway!

So, it’s better if you don’t try any experiments with your vehicle’s oil.

Is pennzoil platinum a full synthetic?

Yes, it is! Pennzoil Platinum is an excellent full synthetic oil that offers an optimal engine performance for your vehicle while keeping it safe from any kind of damages!


I hope to know you know about the winner in pennzoil platinum vs ultra platinum! You should know that both these oils are fantastic and will give you an excellent engine service.

While the Ultra Platinum is great as motor oil, the Platinum will never disappoint you in any kind of weather!

So, you better choose carefully when it comes to almost the same things with a little difference from the same company.

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