Who Makes Supertech Oil? Supertech Vs Mobil 1 Analysis 2021

who makes Supertech oil

Among all the available oil brands, the Supertech oil has blown out people’s minds with both its quality and performance. It is known to be the best oil that you can get at an affordable price, which is very impressive. But who makes Supertech oil?

This incredible oil is made by Warren Oil Company, Inc. If you don’t know about this company, let us tell you that this oil company is one of America’s largest oil companies with a lot of quality oil production. So if you are seeking the right engine oil for you, the Supertech oil can meet the brand value too.

We have shared a lot more information on the production of Supertech oil and also we have shared a detailed analysis of the differences between Supertech vs Mobil 1. Read further to know more elaborately.

Who Makes Supertech Oil?

Even though now the Warren Oil Company, Inc. makes the Supertech oil; back in 2000, the producer of this oil was the Exxon company. The owner company of this oil has been drastically changing for years. After the ownership of many companies, the ownership switched to Warren Oil Company Inc, who are the current owners of this oil.

Even though the owner keeps switching, the quality of this oil is still the same. The chemicals used in the Supertech oil are best for your engine if it matches the oil grade. Also, as the warren oil company is the largest automotive oil manufacturing company in the USA, you can rely on the oil considering the brand value as well. You can understand the oil is originally from this company by looking at the WPP mark on the bottle.

Supertech Oil Analysis- Expert Inspection

If you have a budget problem, you can rely on this oil for the best feedback. This oil is very cheap in price but it is incredible in quality. If you consider the price and its specifications, this oil stands out of all the available oils. The brand value adds a lot more advantages to this oil as well.

If you are looking for an oil that meets up the government oil requirements, Supertech oil will meet up those requirements. Coming from a licensed dexos 1 brand, this oil steps forward when you want to ensure your engine’s health with the best oil. If you compare the quality with this oil’s biggest competitors, you will notice that you are getting a much better service at the most affordable price.

You will not find any changes to this oil due to temperature. It is compatible with every temperature and doesn’t show any oil composites breakage in high temperatures like many petroleum oils. Also, the evaporation rate of this oil is surprisingly lower than many oil models.

There is no need for frequent oil changes with this oil. After noticing the customer’s supertech oil review, we came to know that the least distance that you can cover using this oil is 7500 miles; which means you need to change the oil after every 5-7 months. This covering distance is superly beneficial if you are looking for something to save your budget.

It contains a High-performance formulation that can save your engine in the long run. If you are driving an old car, this oil will be the best fit for keeping your engine alive and healthy for an extended period.

Best Features of Supertech Oil:

  • Very affordable price compared to available competitive options
  • Doesn’t get thick in cold temperature
  • Compatible with any kind of temperature
  • Doesn’t build up many deposits
  • Supreme engine protection with an advanced formula
  • Constant viscosity for a better ride
  • Doesn’t prone to oil breakage in high temperatures
  • Reduces the frictions


Well, it’s a tough choice which one to choose. If you notice carefully, there is really the least possible difference that you will see. But as we have to make a decision, after our usage, we found the Supertech oil comparatively better than the Mobil 1.

It’s not only because of the performance but because of the price range and everything that it serves at that price. Honestly, the Mobil 1 costs twice more than the Supertech oil whereas the performance that Supertech oil provides seemed more promising to us.

Now, we will share a few frequently asked questions with you to understand it in a better way:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Supertech compatible with conventional oil?

Yes, this oil is well-compatible with conventional engine oils. You will get a high-performance using it.

2. How long can I go with Supertech oil without an oil change?

You can go on a minimum of 7 miles without an oil change if you are using Supertech oil. Though it can vary from person to person.

3. Does Supertech oil smell bad?

No, you will get the usual oil smell from a Supertech oil. It doesn’t come with any difference in the smell.

4. Who makes Supertech 2 stroke oil?

The usual Supertech oil is made by Warren Oil Company, but it’s unknown who makes the Supertech 2 stroke oil.

5. Is Supertech oil recycled?

There are 2-3 suppliers of this oil, among those, the Canadian supplier’s oil is recycled.

6. Is Mobil 1 better than Supertech oil?

No, if you consider the price and compare everything, Supertech is more convenient to use than Mobil 1 oil.

Closing Words

We are very happy to share our elaborated research on Who makes Supertech oil with you. We hope that our answers and personal experiences have been entirely beneficial for you. In the end, we must say that, even though you can get the oil from different suppliers, the main oil company is only Warren, which is leading the oil manufacturing.

Moreover, no matter how reasonable the price is, in comparison to the competitors, Supertech will be the most generous option that you can get if you consider everything that it serves. Especially if you have an old engine, you can rely on this oil entirely. There is no doubt that it will serve you the best than other leading competitors.

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