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best oil 7.3 powerstroke

The beast engine, also known as the 7.3 Powerstroke is an electronically controlled direct-injection engine that is unique in every aspect of usage. Searching for oil to feed this beast? Well, that can be troublesome cause there are a lot of scams out there that can destroy the engine completely.

But we know that you don’t want to suffer from those. That’s why we have brought this guideline on Top 10 best oil for 7.3 Powerstroke with all the best serving oils for Powerstroke engine. Here we preferred the engine performance after using the oil and protective unit more while choosing the oil.

Want to get served by the best? Let’s begin with the best picks!

10 Best Oil For 7.3 Powerstroke Best Picks Of All Time

You will need a specially formulated oil for the Powerstroke engine that can run your engine like never before. In that case, you need to give priority to those oils that can show you optimum performance over the engine’s health, protection, and wear resistance. Considering all these factors, our suggestions on the Top 10 best oil for 7.3 powerstroke begins here:

1. Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend 15W-40 Diesel Motor Oil – Recommended for 7.3 Powerstroke

Key Features: 

  • Exceptional deposit control for the longevity of the engine 
  • Good exhaust control 
  • Protection against oil breakdown
  • Helps in heavy-duty engine applications

Exhaust can lower the life duration of your Powerstroke engine. That means you will need an that can fight this culprit for you. Thanks to this oil, it can control the exhaust with the low-ash formulation. Not only does it deal with the engine exhaust, but also, you will be able to handle the oil usage as it is very fuel-efficient which is more like a plus-point while you are driving. 

Are you afraid of your engine showing low potential in cold temperatures? Well, then the good news is for you. This oil handles cold temperature engine starting and also protects your engine from hot temperature as well. So, yes buddy, you are getting the entire temperature compatibility with a single oil, how fantastic is that? 

When you ride your vehicle for a long time, the piston build-up is nothing unusual. But you can stop it with good engine oil. This engine oil will be the best that can save your back against piston deposits. Also, your engine will remain clean overtime with strong protection. With excellent wear protection, you can have exceptional deposit control that is not present in many of the usual oils. 


  • Great protection 
  • Leading engine oil Contains good formulation 
  • Temperature compatibility 


  • Nothing specific 

Verdict: If you are looking for temperature compatibility more, then it can be a good choice for you. With the performance, we liked the service a lot!

2. Ford Genuine 15W-40 Super Duty Diesel Motor Oil – Overall Best for 7.3 Powerstroke

Key Features: 

  • High-quality diesel engine oil
  • Formulated with premium hydro processed base oils
  • Unique technology used 
  • Better protection

Oils formulated with hydro-processed base oils are supposed to make the engine’s performance a lot better. The good news is, this one is formulated with that oil. Also, the premium quality is what you need to take in mind. It can give you more runtime and also sludge free ride for extended engine health.

Who doesn’t want their engine to last more than usual? You can keep your engine more healthy with this premium quality oil because it holds up everything that’s needed to keep your engine good. From better performance to a better ride, you can have everything with this engine oil. Moreover, it can make your engine faster than usual.

If you want the strongest protection from your engine oil, this engine oil is going to help you. From wear protection to tear protection, you will get everything from this oil. Meaning, at the least possible price, you are getting a better deal! How amazing is that? Ford is always a good oil company, and when it’s about oil for 7.3 powerstroke, it just got better here.


  • Good protection 
  • Extended distance coverage 
  • Reasonable price 
  • Premium quality 


  • Quite high in price 

Verdict: in oils, especially for oil for 7.3 Powerstroke, the premium quality matters a lot. So if you look for that, this oil steps aside from all other choices! 

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3. Valvoline Premium Blue SAE 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil – Best Winter Oil for 7.3 Powerstroke

Key Features: 

  • Included One Solution Technology
  • Recommended by Cummins
  • Oxidation resistant feature
  • Superior wear protection

For your heavy-duty powerstroke engine, you need something that can increase the power and keep your engine healthy. This engine oil is proven to serve high-quality service in the performance of your engine.

The engine oil is formulated with One Solution Technology to solve all your problems at once. You will be highly benefited by its premium service on-road, undoubtedly, it can ensure a better ride. 

The oxidation-reduction feature is included here to improve your engine health. Also, when it reduces the exhaust rate, it upholds your engine’s protection better than any of the oils. Besides, you can receive an extended lifetime of your old engine because it makes the engine life better. 

Using powerstroke engines, usually, people drive heavy-duty vehicles. Now when you drive heavy-duty vehicles, the danger of engine wear is real. It can damage the engine and in worse case scenarios, even make it dead. You obviously don’t want that with your incredibly powerful engine. That’s why, people who are worried about engine wear, should pick up this oil for the superior wear protection that it provides.


  • Superior protection 
  • Betters engine performance
  • Meant for heavy-duty vehicles 
  • Provides incredible power


  • May come with less quantity 

Verdict: if you want heavy-duty performance and wear protection then it might be a good choice for you. When we used this oil, it showed incredible performance. Also, the protection amazed us when we had a ride using this oil.

4. Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic Engine Oil – Best Full Synthetic Oil for 7.3 Powerstroke

Key Features: 

  • Improved fuel economy performance
  • Formulated with additive technology
  • Engineered with shear stability
  • Triple Protection for increased performance

As this oil is engineered with shear stability, this feature is unique to most of the oils that are used for a power stroke engine. The shear stability can help you a lot to deal with on-road problems. Also, you can effectively reduce the viscosity loss using this oil because of the sheer stability.

Maintaining the oil pressure in your engine is required when you want to have a good ride. Also, it helps in keeping up your engine healthy. Besides, as it maintains the oil pressure, you won’t have to worry about controlling the flow. And your engine won’t be at any potential risk of damage.

If you run a heavy-duty car, this oil will be highly suitable for you. The longevity that it serves is just incredible that you will rarely have from any other motor oil. Moreover, this one extends your engine power as well as your ride quality. You will get the highest protection against the effects of soot, dirt.


  • Reduces the viscosity loss 
  • Shear stability
  • Extends your engine power
  • Highest protection


  • Leaky jugs

Verdict: The Shear stability and the premium quality of oil can be very beneficial for you. That helped us in our ride and with the improved fuel economy performance, we got a better ride quality. Also, you will get average protection from this engine oil.

5. Liqui Moly Premium 5W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil – Best Oil for High Mileage 7.3 Powerstroke

Key Features:

  • Conserves energy. 
  • Provides lubrication instantly.
  • Works great on extended oil change intervals.
  • Helps you to save the maintenance cost.

Ever wondered what would be the best pal to cope up with your vehicle which has the latest engine? If yes, then this oil is just what answers your question with its work. For the vehicle owners who have the latest engines in their vehicles, this oil serves better than anyone else.

It saves a lot of fuel which turns out to be a big money saver. Also, a big plus point of this oil is that it can be mixed with all kinds of synthetic oils. This oil is the best one for you if you want one which is good for extended oil change intervals. It can give you sup[erior performance there.

Moreover, the use of this oil in your engine will increase the quality of your vehicle and thus will give your vehicle the longest life. This oil is highly recommended as it is affordable for everyone. Being budget-friendly takes this oil to another level. So, if you have a budget problem, grab this one.


  • Very loyal in the work.
  • Improves mileage.
  • Makes the ride smooth.
  • Prevents a bad smell.


  • Sometimes it causes metal noise.

Verdict: this oil would be a great choice for you if you want something which can cope up flawlessly and can serve your modern taste with your advanced vehicle’s advanced engine.

6. Schaeffer Manufacturing Co. 15W-40 SynShield – Best Oil for Longevity

Key Features:

  • Uses advanced equipment. 
  • Can cope up in any kind of environment. 
  • Protects the engine as nothing else can.
  • Uses the low ash formula for the betterment of the engine.

If you like to travel in an adventurous environment but are scared to damage your vehicle’s engine, then this oil is just what you need! This oil protects your engine, gives extra life to it, and thus allows your vehicle to accompany you on any kind of thrilling ride.

Even in the roughest environment, this oil prevents the engine from getting damaged. The loyalty is ensured by this oil as it comes from a brand that gains a reputation from the public for over 175 years. You don’t have to be scared of frictions anymore as this oil prevents frictions and heats.

The advanced ingredients which can make the perfect oil for motor engines are all blended in this one. The oil consumption control that this one has is way beyond satisfaction. You are getting premium service from oil that costs much less than any premium oil. So, make your choice or regret it.


  • Better fuel economy than the other oils.
  • Great in quality. 
  • Better than fully synthetic oils.
  • Stays clean even after using it multiple times.


  • Sometimes the oil leaks from the container.
  • Not fully synthetic.    

Verdict: you should get this oil for your road partner as this oil has every specialty that can improve the speed capabilities as well as protect the engine. Now, harsh environments will not be an excuse at all if you purchase this oil for your road mate.

7. Royal Purple SAE 15W-40 High-Performance Synthetic Motor Oil – Best Oil for Outstanding Protection

Key Features:

  • Prevents all kinds of damage.
  • Provides extreme durability. 
  • Prevents metallic contacts. 
  • Has increased fuel efficiency.

You don’t have to be scared of damages anymore as now you have the best oil which prevents all kinds of damages towards your vehicle’s engine. An amazing fact of this oil is that it is a combination of multiple premium base oils which makes this oil a unique and high-quality one.

It increases the performance of the engine despite whether it is diesel or gasoline. The fuel efficiency that you will find in this is increased and more improved than before. As the fuels contain ethanol, it comes with better compatibility. The compatibility helps your better ride in many ways.

You will get the smoothest ride with a protective service towards your road mate’s engine if you decide to purchase this oil. Metal to metal contact is prevented by this oil in your engine. The change of this oil does not require any special step. Last but not the least, this oil protects the costly catalytic emission system.


  • Contains premium base oil.
  • Makes the ride smoother than before.
  • Protects from any kind of damage. 
  • Ideal for heavy vehicles.


  • Average in quality.

Verdict: if you want an oil that provides the best protection to your vehicle’s engine as well as making the ride the smoothest it can be, then this oil is surely what you desire. The budget-friendly service of it will also fit in your pocket while giving you the best ride ever.

8. Delo 15W40 SAE Synblend Synthetic Blend – Best Oil for Exceptional Deposit Control

Key Features:

  • Highly capable of being great for highway applications.
  • Provides exceptional deposit control.
  • Offers incredible wear control and soot disappearance.
  • Features the most incredible emission system control life.

You will be amazed to know that the Delo Syn Blend Synthetic Blend oil is made to offer people heavy duties on highways. Highway applications become much easier when you use super-compliant low emission diesel. This heavy-duty oil is designed to deliver the longest oil life and engine life.

Moreover, you can have better protection against wear from this oil. This wonderful oil also makes sure that the downtime will be highly reduced as it lets your lubricants introduce with the OEM cleanliness requirements. This will also help to reduce the maintenance cost as well as extend equipment life. With the help of its super oxidation performance, it gives you powerful performance and great protection.

This oil will also become the strongest guard of outstanding diesel engine components. This oil will keep your engine protected against wear and corrosion, will provide you with the highest performance, and will make your maintenance expenses minimal. For having all these features you should purchase this oil for your comfortable and safe rides.


  • Great sheerness
  • Excellent mileage 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Versatile


  • Isn’t compatible with every vehicle

Verdict: If you want to have a heavy-duty oil, an oil which will serve you longer wear protection and soot disappearance then purchase this oil without any doubt. It is highly capable of making you amazed with its performance.

9. Mobil Super 15W-40 Delvac 1300 Motor Oil – Best for Heavy-Duty Performance Applications

Key Features:

  • Excellent for heavy-duty performance applications.
  • Provides incredible cold-cranking capabilities.
  • Incredible oil flow at low temperatures.
  • Offers outstanding protection against every issue.

Mobil Super motor oil is high-performance commercial engine oil that is capable of providing you with all the great features you need to make every ride memorable and comfortable. It offers you heavy-duty performance for highway applications. Surprisingly you will be able to get the best oil performance even at the lowest oil temperature. 

With this motor oil, every off-road or off-highway ride of yours will be decorated amazingly. Also, it is capable of delivering the same incredible performance as the oldest conventional engines.

The outstanding protection of this motor oil against oil will make your journeys safe and sound. Instead of choosing ancient engine oils that make your journey uncomfortable yet unsafe, get the reliable Mobil Super motor oil.

You can use this motor oil for clear and cool engines without any tension. The balance of the thickness and the lightness of this oil will make you satisfied. The oil is highly capable to fulfill all your needs as it is more versatile than any other costly oil. You will get all the features and wonderful mileage at a low cost as well.


  • Versatile
  • Comfortable to use
  • Great compatibility
  • Outstanding protection


  • Shows sheerness issues

Verdict: This oil can with most of the engines. Wonderfully it also can be used with the oldest conventional engines. So getting this motor will be a great idea for every person.

10. AmazonBasics 5W-40 Full Synthetic Motor Oil – Best for Longest Drain Intervals

Key Features:

  • Great for the longest drain intervals.
  • Helps to protect us from all the issues that show us the path to rust and corrosion.
  • Viscosity and thermal breakdown resistance.
  • Helps to make every ride comfortable and safe.

You will hardly find any motor oil which will offer you so many features. The AmazonBasic motor oil is capable of fulfilling all your needs. You will be able to make your every ride exceptional with this motor oil which is the greatest motor oil ever. The protection provides against wear will make you believe that it is the safest oil for use.

The longest drain intervals aren’t that huge a deal when you are providing your engine with this engine oil. This oil features longer engine life and longer oil life which are capable of making every path designed. This features strong resistance to viscosity and thermal breakdown and makes your vehicle strong enough for traveling rough roads.

Exhaust emissions will be reduced perfectly with the help of this engine oil. You will also be glad to know that to make the engine wear less it makes the friction low. So stop worrying about the bad impacts of engine oil on your car and get the most incredible AmazonBasic motor oil ever.


  • Incredible longevity
  • Wonderful sheerness
  • Great mileage
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not versatile enough

Verdict: It is a motor oil that will be the reducer of viscosity and thermal breakdown, then you should switch to this motor oil as it is highly capable of doing so.

Things to Consider When Buying Best oil for 7.3 Powerstroke Engine

The services from your engine mostly depend on the quality and other functions of the oil. Only the perfect and suitable oil can provide you with a perfect band-safe ride. If you are using 7.3 powerstroke then you have to get the perfect oil for your 7.3 powerstroke because getting the perfect oil for that is a must for this magic wand.

Many questions will arise in your mind. But here is a proper guide that will show you the path of getting the perfect oil for your 7.3 powerstroke. This guide will give you a proper view of those things which should be considered before buying the oil.


We all know that every formulation isn’t capable of fitting in every engine. In fact, all formulations are not equally good for 7.3 powerstroke that you can try every formulation in your 7.3 powerstrokes. You have to check the formulation of the oil before that oil for your 7.3 powerstroke.

Functional Technology:

Check if the oil is capable of protecting some important stuff such as wear, deposits, and breakdown because that is really important. If the oil forms proper functional technology then your car will be saved from soot and dirt. It’s quite obvious that you should check the functional technology of the oil you are going to buy for 7.3 powerstroke, otherwise, you will face a bunch of irritating problems.

Shear Stability:

If the oil you are going to buy features excellent shear stability then you should purchase that oil. Because shear stability helps the engine interior to deal with the optimal pressure. Moreover, that kind of feature will help to have plenty of control over the vehicle.

Oil Economy:

You have to find such oil for your 7.3 powerstroke which is going to ensure durability for the engines. If you find such fuel efficiency in the oil then the oil will make your vehicle run long in less fuel. This way you will be able to save the cost of the fuel.


Check the compatibility of the oil you are going to buy. Make sure the oil you are buying can be compatible with any diesel and gasoline engine. That will help you to enjoy the longest drives comfortably.


Make sure that the oil you are buying is designed to offer heavy-duty performance. That feature will also provide you with durability along with heavy-duty performance.


Consider buying that oil that comes with good quality and a good brand. Because that will offer you durability. Durability is the most important thing about oil. As you definitely don’t want to waste your money on buying oil for your 7.3 powerstroke again and again.

What is the 7.3 Powerstroke oil type?

7.3 Powerstroke desires oil that is a high efficiency to the engine. The performance of the engine and its functionality relies on the characteristic of the oil used. Synthetic oil is primarily used in any 7.3 Powerstroke Engine. 

15W40 is the most widespread diesel engine oil. Sometimes full synthetic lubricants are utilized. Most of the lubricants are originally equipment manufacturers. At an ambient temperature of >10°, the viscosity of the oil should be 15W-40. It is considered to be the perfect type of diesel for a 7.3 Powerstroke engine.

How much is the 7.3 Powerstroke oil capacity?

The perfect capacity of 7.3 Powerstroke Engine is 15 quarts of 15W-40 grade diesel lubricant. The Powerstroke engine is subdivided into two parts. Oil pan and oil filter area. About 13 quarts of engine oil are encountered with the oil pan and then the other 2 quarts are situated in the oil filter area.

This is the common division of oil between these two sectors. This type of engine needs a 94-97 quarts coolant. 7.3 Powerstroke can bear 15.9-17.7 quarts of auto transmission fluid. It can also comprise up to 5.8 quarts of manual transmission liquid. This can be the sum up for oil capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It’s obvious that you face a lot of questions when you think about buying oil for your 7.3 powerstroke. Here are some frequently asked questions which come almost in everybody’s mind. You should look at them to make your confusions clear. 

How often should I change the oil in my 7.3 powerstroke?

After every 7500 miles, you should change the oil in your powerstroke. For smooth and comfortable rides you need to change the oil after every 7500 miles of riding. Most car engines recommend changing the oil after every 7500 miles.

How much oil does a 7.3 powerstroke turbo diesel take?

A 7.3 powerstroke is capable of having 15 quarts in the filter. Some latest powerstrokes are capable of having more oil. But you should fill oil for 7500 miles of the ride at once.

Does every kind of oil fit in a 7.3 powerstroke?

No. Different kinds of oil contain different formulations, functional technology, and stability. 7.3 powerstroke isn’t capable of tolerating every kind of formulation. So there is no other way than finding the oil which is capable of fitting into your 7.3 powerstroke.

What will happen if I don’t provide the 7.3 powerstroke with the right oil?

If the oil isn’t compatible with your 7.3 Powerstroke then you will face a lot of problems while dealing with the vehicle. You won’t be able to enjoy a single ride comfortably and safely. So you have to find the right oil for your comfortable and safe rides.

Final Words

Now that you are introduced to a few of the best oil for 7.3 Powerstroke, we hope that you have no other confusion in your mind. We have chosen our oils depending on Functional Technology, performance on-road, and if it ensures the engine health or not. Overall, all our picked oils are simply known to be the perfect oils all over the world.

So you can rely on us blindly to get your engine a good oil and ensure the perfect engine health. Besides, we have also shared the detailed buying guide to remove if you have any further confusion on which things to give a priority while buying the oil for you. At last, do not fall victim to less price and get fooled.

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