How Long Does Synthetic Oil Last According to Professionals?

Suppose you just bought your new car or your bike and you do not have previous experience of using synthetic oil. So, it is natural that you do not know how long does synthetic oil last. Fear not, I got the answers for you.

The longevity of synthetic oil really depends on the type of brand you are going to use. It can last around 5000 miles to 15000 miles. If you use a good brand, it will last longer than the cheap synthetic oil brands out there in the market.

So, what you need to know is which brand you should use before you buy. It is necessary to do some research beforehand as it will save you a lot of money and from any potential bad experience.

So, let us help you with that research. In this article, I will tell you exactly how long synthetic oil lasts from different well-known brands.

What is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is a lubricant that you use to keep the engine of your vehicle in mint condition.

So, how is it made? Synthetic oil is mechanically modified and composed so that it can last for a long time. The base material for it is distilled crude oil which is processed with additives and synthesized to deliver to you the best quality of the oil. Each company has its own unique formula regarding the composition of the additives which is generally kept a trade secret.

This is why the quality of synthetic oil can vary from brand to brand which affects the lasting time of the oil and also the price of the brand product.

Why Should You Synthetic Oil?

You might already be wondering, what the point of all this research is and what’s so special about this synthetic oil. First of all, let me tell you what you want to hear. Yes. Synthetic oil is much better than conventional oil for your motor vehicle. Why and How? I will tell you that too.

Synthetic oil due to its unique composition from refined and distilled base oil is much superior to the basic less refined conventional oil. It’s chemically stable state makes it safe from oxidization and acidification.

This is really good for your vehicle’s engine as it will protect the mechanical parts from rusting and make it long-lasting. Synthetic oil also retains its qualities for a long period of time as it is harder to break down. It also provides protection against high temperatures.

Cost of Synthetic Oil

As you might have guessed by now, synthetic oils are more expensive than conventional oil. Due to its features and longevity, the expense for manufacturing synthetic oil naturally increases. But since it lasts longer than conventional oil, it is still better to use it for your vehicle and it will eventually save your money for the long run.

How Long Does Synthetic Oil last?

Some brands like Mobil claim that their oil can last up to 5 years while some brands go as far as to claim that their oil can last for a lifetime. Even though Synthetic oil is famous for its longevity, you should change your oil after a specific period of time based on how you are using your vehicle and what are the factors affecting it.

Factors Affecting Synthetic Oil life

Yes, aside from brand type many factors will affect how long your synthetic oil will last. Here are a few pointers which will help.


As the composition of additives that are used in manufacturing synthetic oil vary from brand to brand, it affects the lasting of the oil life. Better composition of additive equals better oil life. This is why choosing an oil brand for your vehicle is such an important idea.

Age of Vehicle:

Old vehicles have engines that are less compatible with synthetic oil. This causes the oil to get used faster than usual and shorten oil life. Manufacturer’s instructions are imperative in this case because if your engine is not compatible with synthetic oil, it will damage your engine and you lose money unnecessarily over oil too.

Short Driving Distance:

If you use your vehicle to drive for short distances, it will cause your oil to get damaged. Short driving distance means that your engine won’t properly heat up and won’t be able to evaporate the water molecules accumulating inside the engine. These molecules will then mix with the oil, causing it to dilute and destroy its properties.


It is common knowledge that the more you will drive your car, the more oil it will use. Driving a lot wears out the oil as well as your engine. It is nothing to worry about but you might have to change your oil more often than normal in that case.

Climate Conditions:

If you live in regions where you face extreme cold or heat, it will be bad for the oil as extreme higher or lower temperature puts a strain on the oil and causes it to break down or lose its properties. Extreme heat also hastens the oxidation of the oil and it cannot lubricate the engine like it is built to. Oxidation also increases the viscosity of the oil making it thicker which causes it to clog the engine. So in these weather conditions, the oil loses its effectiveness.


If your vehicle tends to get exposed to dirt frequently, the buildup gets mixed with the additives of the oil and ruins the composition. Dirt also gets accumulated on the engine which creates sludge in various places. It is necessary to keep the engine clean to prevent this from happening and make your oil last longer.

Driving style:

If you are used to a rough driving style, it will shorten the life of engine oil. Also, reckless or aggressive acceleration causes the engine oil to deplete faster than normal. Rough driving is also bad for your car engine.

Keeping these factors in mind will certainly help your synthetic oil to be long-lasting.

Storing Synthetic Oil:

Using the leftovers from previous oil changes is possible in the case of synthetic oil. But you must be careful about storing the oil can properly so that it doesn’t get ruined. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully regarding the storage of the oil.

Store it at a temperature between 45-85 degrees in a dust-free non-humid area for better results. You should also make sure to keep the expiry date of the oil in check before reusing the leftover oil. Because like any other expired item, expired synthetic oil is bad for your car engine’s health and will damage it.

Top Brands Synthetic of Oil:

Finally the part you have been reading for. Now that you have decided on synthetic oil for your vehicle what brand should you be using for the purpose? As I said earlier, the quality of oil varies depending on the brand and how they manufacture their oil. So upon research from customer reviews here are some top picks which will last longer and also be good for your car engine:

  1. Valvoline SynPower 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil: This brand is known to work well with all car engines and give an overall good service.
  2. Royal Purple High-Performance Synthetic Oil: This has a high review from many who have used it. It comes with additive technology which works well for fuel economy.
  3. Mobil 1 120760 Synthetic Motor Oil 0W-40: This oil has been used by most European Car Brands and it works well according to its customers. It can also withstand extreme temperatures.
  4. Shell ROTELLA Full Synthetic Diesel Oil: This oil comes with the best synthetic blend. It ensures great engine protection and has resistance to extreme temperatures.
  5. AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil: This is the best budget oil which gives good performance according to reviewers.

How many months does synthetic oil last?

Well, synthetic oil changing time or interval depends on mileage rather than time. Generally, a modern vehicle would last around 6000 miles to 10000 miles or more.

However, the best practice is to follow the owner’s manual that comes with it. And if you do not have it for some reason, and do not use it for longer rides, you should change the synthetic oil once a year.

Does synthetic oil go bad?

Yes, your synthetic oil will be not suitable for use after a certain mileage.

You will have a bad experience with your vehicle after that if you keep using that oil. So you should change it when the time comes.

Does synthetic oil expire?

Yes, the synthetic oil expires after its expected mileage is over. And you should not use expired synthetic oil in your car.

Does synthetic oil last longer?

Synthetic oil can last longer in modern vehicles. And it does last longer if you’re using a good brand to begin with.

Does synthetic oil degrade over time?

A full synthetic oil will not degrade over time because of age. It will degrade depending on the usage of your vehicle.


Synthetic oil is the best choice you can make for your vehicle and it will guarantee the protection of your car engine. It will also last for a long period if you know how to use it properly.

I hope you got the answer that how long does synthetic oil last. I hope my research will help you to make your engine healthy with synthetic oil. Good luck!

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