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Shell Rotella T is one of the leading heavy-duty engine lubrication product lines in the market. Engine oils, gear oils and coolants are the main varieties of this product line, manufactured by Royal Dutch Rotella.

The engine oils of Shell Rotella T have been giving extreme protection from wear and temperature for truck or SUV engines for over 40 years. These oils best work in motor vehicles that have diesel engines.

In today’s discussion, we will review the two best motor oil models of Shell Rotella T so that you can select the most effective one for your vehicle. Without having more time on the introductory part, let’s have a look over the discussion over Rotella T4 vs T6 given below.

Rotella T4 vs T6

Shell Rotella T4 and T6 are the most popular ones used by motor vehicle owners. People often seem to get confused about which one they should choose. So, in this article, I am going to talk about the main differences between these two.

Shell Rotella T4:

Shell Rotella T4 is the recent addition to the lineup of Shell Rotella. Engineers have integrated advanced technological knowledge to make it sustainable under the most stressful driving conditions.    You can reliably use this for modern low-emission engines and older hard-working diesel engines.

Besides being a great choice for off-road or on-road trucks and SUVs, it is also suitable for all other heavy-duty engine applications like a general haul, construction, agriculture and public transport operators. It also ensures the effectiveness and durability of emissions control systems.  In addition, the shear and improved oil aeration of Rotella T4 provides enhanced protection against viscosity loss.

Features of Rotella T4:

Rotella T4 has some special features that have made it more favored than any other engine oil. Let’s go over the wonderful features of it.

1. Triple Protection Technology

Rotella T4 has integrated exclusive Triple Protection Technology that ensures engine’s safeguard in three critical areas including:

  • Acid Control:  It prevents the emissions of acids formed as fuel burns and the oil ages. Thus, it protects the engine from corrosion of acid.
  • Deposit Control: It maintains the neatness of engines that ensures optimum performance and prolongs the engines’ life.
  • Wear Control: It helps to keep the metal engine surface free from wear and tear. So, enlarge the lifespan of the engines’ surface.

2. Suitable for All Hard works

Rotella T4 has lots of specifications like…

  • Triple Protection Technology
  • improved oil aeration
  • amazing wear protection
  • developed shear stability and so on.

As a result, you can use it for almost all heavy-duty needs like on-highway fleets, general haul, construction, agriculture, diesel pickup trucks and many others. The world’s leading engine makers have given positive reviews to it.

3. Incredible Wear Protection

As you knew earlier, Rotella T4 integrates Triple Protection Technology. By the grace of this feature, it makes the engines preventive to all kinds of damages and so increases its durability of engines. In API industry wear tests, Rotella T4 exceeds the required wear protection by 50% after meeting the CK-4 specs. It also stood out in CK-4 engine tests of the Cummins ISM and ISB.

4. Exceptional Additive Technology

The engineers have added some exceptional technology in Rotella T4 that makes it better than ever before. Now, it has better shear stability and oil aeration so that you can have much more protection against viscosity loss.

Again, its effective design ensures a sustainable emissions control system.

Due to its exclusive low-ash formulation, you can protect the exhaust catalysts and diesel particulate filters of your latest low emission vehicle.

5. Protective against High Temperature

Rotella T4 can reduce oil breakdown under high temperature more efficiently than any other engine oils of Shell Rotella. The test report shows that its defense against oxidation has risen to 50% longer than the previous generations. This is how it maintains the lifespan, cleanliness and operating efficiency of engines.


  • Affordable
  • Suitable for heavy-duty works
  • The best substitute for motorcycle oil
  • Extremely good choice for diesel engines.
  • Warranty for 300,000 miles.


  • Particularly good in warm climates.

Shell Rotella T6:

Shell Rotella T6 is full synthetic diesel engine oil produced by Rotella. It offers Triple Protection features as Rotella T4 does.

Besides, its advanced additives strongly protect against engine damages, deposits, and oil breakdowns. Moreover, it can make the engines highly protective against extreme operating temperatures. It is also compatible with exhaust emissions control systems.

Again, it gives additional benefit to the users by limiting fuel usage while working.  You can save money on the fuel expenditures by using this Rotella T6 in your truck’s engine. Even, you won’t have to compromise with the hardiness. This is how Rotella T6 is far better than other conventional SAE 15W-40 oils.

Features of Rotella T6:

Shell Rotella T6 has some additional features and improvements compared to previous generations. Let’s have a look over those wonderful features.

1. Full Synthetic Rotella T6

Rotella T6 doesn’t contain any high carbon petroleum product. Rather, it’s a synthetic oil having a minimal level of ash, sulphur and phosphorus. This oil gives the engines a power to withstand increased pressure. You can enjoy more mileage and efficiency with your engine by using this full synthetic motor oil.

2. Low Ash Additive

Rotella T6 contains low levels of ash, sulphur and phosphorus that secure smooth engine operations. Thus, it reduces the wear and tear of engines somewhat. So, if you use this oil for your truck or other high duty operations, you can reduce your maintenance cost. By using this motor oil, you can also protect the environment as it produces the lowest carbon.

3. Ensures Fuel Economy

Rotella T6 gives an amazing chance to reduce the fuel cost by using its improved fuel economy capability of 1.5%. So, you can now easily manage your monthly fuel cost using this without compromising engine’s protection or durability compared to 15W-40 oils.

4. Usable for Both Diesel and Gasoline Engines

This full synthetic Rotella T6 is applicable for both old and new diesel fuel vehicles including minivans, bus fleets, tractors, pick-up trucks, cars and so on. Besides diesel engines, you can use this motor oil for gasoline engines having API SM specifications. This is a unique thing that you have from Rotella T6.

5. Adaptable to Any Weather Condition

You have already known that Rotella T4 best works in the hot weather. But T6 has crossed over this limitation. This low- viscosity engine oil can start up the engine very quickly and without any hesitation in the cold weather. You will find this oil in the liquid state even in this cold weather. Again, it gives the engine an easy start-up to 30 degrees F temperature, unlike all other similar oil brands.


  • Cut down maintenance cost.
  • Guard engines against all weathers.
  • Ensure engines’ cleanliness.
  • Interesting price range.
  • Sustainable for 500,000 miles.


  • Not usable for geared motors.

Things Should I Consider while Buying Any Diesel Engine Oil??

Sometimes, you may wonder about the key features you should consider before selecting any motor oil. To remove your confusion about this, let’s go over the following guidelines.

1. Viscosity

Viscosity is the first thing you must consider while buying any diesel engine oil. The viscosity of any oil represents lots of factors. The general viscosity for diesel engine oils ranged from 15W-40 to 5W-40 where the number before W denotes the thickness of oil under cold weather and another one expresses thickness in normal operating temperature.

2. Application

Every diesel engine oil is made for some specific applications like higher mileage, extended performance, gasoline engine, and motorcycles that you must assess before buying any oil for you. And also observe your vehicle condition and select one that meets your requirements best.

3. Additives

Each engine oil has additives that make it different from others. For example, you may consider improved viscosity so that you can have flawless performance under high temperature or cold weather. Again, you can take detergent as an important determinant that facilities the emissions of deposits and sludge from the engines. By thinking over these, you can select your favorite one.

4. Usability of the Engine

You have to fix what type of work you are going to use your engines for. If the engine undergoes huge stress, you must select any durable diesel engine oil.

5. Compatibility with Present Oil

Again, you have to check whether your existing oil is compatible with the new one. If not, then you will need to drain the oil before installing the new oil. It would be best for you to follow along the owner’s manual to find your perfect match.

6. Cost of the Oil

Every diesel engine oil has a different price range. And the product’s price always affects the purchasing decisions of buyers. So, you have to know the exact cost for your selected motor oil and then balance between the cost and your budget.


You just went through the reviews of Rotella T4 vs T6 where you got to know the excellent features of these engine oils. In addition, you have learned the consideration before buying any diesel engine oil. You can now easily select the best oil for the engines between these two.

However, we have listed Shell Rotella T6 as the best motor oil for its marvelous features like compatibility for diesel and gasoline engines, durability, advanced emissions system, all-weather protection as well as an economic investment.  You won’t have so many features like Rotella T6 in any other models or brands of diesel motor oils.

So, you are recommended to go through the whole article to know about the oils that will help you to decide the best one for you.

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