5 Worst Oil Filter Brands to Avoid- Alternatives Recommended

Are you bothered by the thought of picking an oil filter that won’t damage the engine? Buying an oil filter may sound like a simple component to pick anything that you get in front, but once you suffer by getting a bad oil filter, you will understand why it is so important to get a good quality oil filter for your car.

Every brand can claim itself to be the best, but we often overlook the worst brands that you shouldn’t even think of buying. So today’s talk is about oil filter brands to avoid. We have gathered the 5 worst brands that you should run away from as fast as you can. These oil filters can damage your engine in ways that you cannot even think of. But don’t worry! We will suggest the top 5 alternatives as well.

Buckle up! You will be surprised to know how some of the best-known oil filter brands are damaging your favorite car engine unknowingly. Get ready for it.

5 Worst Oil Filter Brands To Avoid- Run As Fast As You Can

Before we start, we will love to share a quick overview with you about the brands that you should avoid and the best alternatives to get. Have a glimpse.

Worst Oil Filter Brand Best Alternative Brand  Best Oil Filter From The Alternative Brand
Fram Oil Filters Mobil 1 Mobil 1 M1-102A Extended Performance Oil Filter
Bosch and Purolator Motorcraft Motorcraft FL-820-S Oil Filter
Supertech Oil Filters Bosch Automotive Bosch 3323 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter for Select Acura MDX, RDX, RSX, TL, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Honda Accord, Civic, CR-V, Pilot, Infiniti, Nissan + More
Astrofilters Royal Purple Royal Purple 10-2867 353465 Oil Filter
Frantz Filters Purolator Purolator PL14610 PurolatorONE Advanced Engine Protection Spin On Oil Filter

Now let’s hop onto the main overview of which oil filter brands to avoid with the alternatives:

1. Fram Oil Filters

Let’s start with the worst oil filter that you can get, ever! Yeah, Fram can be misleading you by their advertisements, but trust us, you would never want to even think of getting a Fram oil filter because all it got is a poor reputation. You cannot find a single one who is satisfied with the Fram oil filters.

First of all, the pleated filter media is so thin that it will seem to be of no use at times. Also, the bad quality mechanism doesn’t fulfill the point of getting an oil filter for you. The metal covering is too thin to maintain the proper oil circulation. People outrageously even say that they will rather not use any oil filter than using a Fram Filter.  

Best Alternative Brand to Pick- Mobil 1

The worst needs to be replaced with the best one, right? Here comes the best of all, Mobil 1. Mobil 1 has been the number one brand to serve you with quality car components and their oil filter deserves applause without any second. The design of these filters serves its purpose really well. Literally, zero complaints have been found from the users by now. Mobil 1 is one of the best oil filter brands that you can get for yourself. 

Here is our special pick from Mobil 1 oil filter brand: 

Mobil 1 M1-102A Extended Performance Oil Filter

The synthetic fibers of this oil help promote clean oil. The fibers help to extend your engine life. Also, the oil filter induces your riding performance. For a better ride, you can blindly rely on this oil filter. It deals with the oil pressure pretty amazingly.

The conventional filters cannot handle many contaminations. But it removes more contaminants than any usual oil filters. That’s where this oil filter stands out from the rest. As most of the oil filters resist the oil flow because of the filtration procedure, it can create a hassle in your rides. But this oil filter doesn’t create a resistance in the oil flow even though the filtration is top-notch.


  • Handles many contaminations
  • Amazing filtration provided
  • Doesn’t create a resistance in the oil flow
  • Reasonable price


  1. May come as refurbished

2. Bosch and Purolator

In the second pick of the worst brands to avoid, we have brought this one. Even though it’s cheap, it won’t serve you in any way. Now if you are running low on budget, then it might be a choice to rely on. But we do not suggest it because of the inappreciable performance of the car once you use it.

Sometimes these oils become hard to get sealed because of the faulty mechanism inside. This can be troublesome because the faulty mechanism can hamper the proper oil flow inside your car. Alongside, these oil filters dangerously leak oil that will never meet your needs. 

Best Alternative Brand to Pick- Motorcraft

Honesty, Motorcraft is underrated but these oil filters are the best filters that you can buy for the money. These are so reasonable in price, yet they do not compromise the quality at all. The awesome build catches every car owner’s attention. Therefore, you can expect to have a smooth ride once you use the oil filter that we picked from this brand.

Here is our special pick from the Motorcraft oil filter brand: 

Motorcraft FL-820-S Oil Filter

Do you want to reach the extra miles with your car without any filtration issues? Well get this one, and forget about any kind of filtration issues. You can run your vehicle just the way you want. The most important fact is, it doesn’t create dry starts in your car. The mini dry starts caused by less effective oil filters can create serious engine damage. Using this oil filter will keep your engine protected for a long time. 

This is amazing that at such a reasonable price, you are getting the best filtration ever. Also, it doesn’t create any oil leakage. The mechanism and built quality are of top standard so you won’t have to worry about the inner builts as well. If you care enough about the longevity of the engine, you should give this oil filter a priority.


  • Best fitting assured
  • Impressive mechanism and built quality
  • Unique filtration guaranteed 
  • Adds up to the longevity of the engine


  • May lack components in the packaging

3. Supertech Oil Filters

While talking about the oil filter brands to avoid, we could help to keep it as our third choice. Rusting can cripple you once you set up the oil filter of this brand. As a result of the rusting issue, the oil filter creates a leakage. The aftermath is a damaged engine and worst longevity.

Sometimes, these oil filters do not even filter the oil properly and let the oil flow inside the engine without being filtered. Then what is the purpose of getting such an oil filter where the price is not reasonable at all? The worst part is, because of the bad quality, before even reaching 5,000 miles, you might notice oil sprays all over the engine. 

Best Alternative Brand to Pick- Bosch Automotive

This brand is best known for the high-quality build of filters. No rusting or stains can affect the filter. On top of that, longevity is also ensured properly. The metal-lined and metal-capped filter element also adds up to the quality and requires less maintenance. Here you will get the perfect filtration that you have always dreamt of.

Here is our special pick from Bosch Automotive oil filter brand: 

Bosch 3323 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter 

The better-secured installation is a feature to appreciate about this oil filter. It fits well without giving any risk of spills or oil sprays. Moreover, it contains more surface area for the oil to run swiftly. Once again, the filtration also deserves applause, it is specially meant for bikes.

At such a low price, you will be amazed to see how many high-quality features you are getting from this oil filter. You will get a 99% oil efficiency from this filter which is rarely provided by any other expensive brands. We are very hopeful about the service of this oil filter. Your beloved car or bike will go the extra mile without facing any issues.


  • 99% oil efficiency assured 
  • Incredible filtration
  • Reasonable pricing 
  • Prevents leaks


  • No plastic seal covering in the packaging 

4. Astrofilters

To be honest, the size is the main drawback of these filters. They are too big to fit into any car. As a result, oil spilling issues and leakages arise. Also, the requirement of maintenance of the filters after reaching the least distance will irritate you for sure. 

Because of the bulky size, it gets harder to even follow up the oil clogs. You can barely check out the filtration as well. The quality is comparatively worse than other filter brands of this price range. So why settle for less? 

Best Alternative Brand to Pick-Royal Purple

We found the best alternative to Astrofilters and undoubtedly it is Royal Purple. This brand really fills up the voids. At a reasonable price, you will get vehicle safety, longevity, amazing filtration, and whatnot? The filters of this brand are very easy to install and they fit so well. Once you use this brand’s filters, you will stick to it for sure! 

Here is our special pick from the Royal Purple oil filter brand: 

Royal Purple 10-2867 353465 Oil Filter

You need to rarely go through the hassle of changing this filter. It goes up to 5000 miles easily without the need for a filter change. So it lessens your hassle in many ways. Royal Purple stands for the quality undoubtedly. Once you start using this filter, you will realize how little maintenance these filters require.

If you use full synthetic oil then you will get 5,000-mile protection from this filter. On top of that, the 99% filtration efficiency makes a great value of money. Again, another appreciable factor of this filter is the dirt handling capacity. It is known as a high-flow oil filter for the smooth filtration that it provides.


  • Awesome build quality
  • Extensive dirt handling capacity
  • 99% filtration efficiency
  • Incredible as a high-flow oil filter


  • May arrive defective 

5. Frantz Filters

Here is the last brand that we figured to be one of the worst oil filter brands to avoid. Even though this brand was renowned for its quality and service years ago, after the main company sold this to another one, the quality drastically got ruined. For people who are lazy to change their oil filters often, this brand is not a wise decision to fall for. 

Best Alternative Brand to Pick- Purolator

Without any second thought, you can rely on this brand if you prefer your vehicle’s performance more than anything else. It improves the vehicle performance and adds a lot to the longevity. Also, you won’t need to go through the hassle of filter changes frequently.

Here is our special pick from Purolator oil filter brand: 

Purolator PL14610 PurolatorONE Advanced Engine Protection Spin-On Oil Filter

If you use a full-synthetic oil, then you can expect this oil to optimize your engine life for up to 10,000 miles, which is incredible! Another advantage of this oil filter is the 99% dirt removal power. You can rarely get this from even any renowned oil filter brands at such a low price. 

The built mechanism of this filter will impress you. You can understand the mechanism once you notice the metal end caps and center tube and how these two affect your car performance. Because of the extraordinary build, you will receive outstanding stability and integrity which can rarely be found from any ordinary oil filters. 


  • Optimizes the engine life
  • Contains 99% dirt removal power
  • Unique built mechanism
  • Provides outstanding stability and integrity


  • Can get leaky sometimes 

Buying Guide For The Best Oil Filter Brands

The whole life of your car’s engine strongly depends on your oil filter. So it’s obvious to get a high-quality oil filter. The better the oil filter the greater the job will be done with your car’s engine. So here’s a buying guide for the best oil filter brands which will lead you through the right path:

  • Substances: Nothing is more significant than the substances your oil filter is made of. You can’t help getting an oil filter that comes with great quality corporealities. Good materials are the first thing you need to be aware of while buying the oil filter because it impacts longevity and performance.
  • Temperature capacity- An important thing that should be considered while buying the oil filter is its temperature capacity. Check how much of a high temperature can be held by the oil filter. Don’t compromise your desired temperature capacity, high temperature capacity is a good catch.
  • Oil capacity- Generally all of the oil filters are capable of holding plenty of oil. But it’s better to go with the highest one. That will help with the mileage as well. Moreover checking if the oil filter is capable of tolerating high oil pressure or not is quite important as well.
  • Least noise- It will be really annoying if your oil filter makes audible metallic noise. That is the biggest headache while driving the car. So it will be much better if you chose an oil filter brand that makes the least audible metallic noise.
  • Performance- Must choose an oil filter brand that promises to offer good performance. Low or average performance may often lead you to clogged oil filters.
  • Compatible size- Don’t forget to measure the size and height of the oil filter you are getting. The size must be compatible with your car. Otherwise, there’s no use in getting the oil filter.
  • Microns rating- Go with an oil filter which stands for particles at 20 microns using the ISO 4548-12 test. If you consider getting an oil filter that comes with particles at 10-20 microns then you will regret it later because that will cause damage to your engine.
  • Reviews & Price- Before buying from any of the oil filter brands, consider doing your homework. The homework is to check the reviews and prices online so that you can compare and choose the best oil filter brand for the healthy life of your car’s engine.

Why Is It Important To Pick A Good Oil Filter? 

Do you know your engine life can be shortened because of the low quality of your oil filter? Well, now you can imagine how important it is to get a good oil filter! The engine and many other components can be hampered if you do not consider buying a good oil filter. 

It’s super important to get a high-quality oil filter as the good quality of the filter and the good internal construction will lead you to some excellent outcomes on your car’s engine. Even if you are unaware, the oil filters impact your engine health a lot. Your engine will get the cleanest oil if your oil filter comes with high performance. 

A good oil filter will definitely hold a good amount of oil and tolerate higher oil pressures. Higher temperatures can be handled by good air filters additionally. Enjoying good mileage is another benefit that comes with a good oil filter. 

On the other hand, bad quality oil filters make an awful noise which gives irritating headaches while good oil filters make the least noise which is comfortable and reliable. If you want good filtering contaminants then you will need a good oil filter as well. Actually the better the oil filter, the finer the filtering contaminants job.

Wrapping Up

Here ends our discovery on oil filter brands to avoid. Stay aware of what you buy and what you use in your car. As oil filters impact your engine’s health a lot, you should be extremely conscious while buying the filter for your car. Therefore, as we have given the brief on some of the worst brands, now it will make everything easier for you to choose.

Also, as we have given alternative choices, you can rely on those blindly. All the alternative brands and filters that we have suggested are known to be of great quality and ensure your car engine’s incredible performance. As the main intention is the safety of the engine, you will get that from the alternative choices that we have suggested here. 

So pick the right oil filter for the wellbeing of your car engine and run as fast as you can from the brands that we have prohibited you from. 

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