Who Makes Napa Oil? – Everything About Napa Oil 

When it comes to engine oils, Napa is a well-renowned brand that’s dominating the marketplace for years. But do you know who actually produces napa oil, or is it the right oil to put inside your vehicle?

Well, it’s okay if you don’t know who makes Napa oil. Napa oil holds the name of the Valvoline brand who gets most of its oil manufactured by Ashland Petroleum. This renowned company has been supplying quality lubricant products for decades. 

There’s no doubt that napa has some of the best ranges of oils that help to protect the car engine and make it run a lot smoother and quieter. So, let’s check out who makes napa motor oil and what makes it so special to get an even better understanding.


Who Makes Napa Oil?

Napa oil is actually manufactured by Ashland petroleum, which is an American chemical company. That was originated in 1924 back in Kentucky, and it produces different chemicals, additives, plastics, and other products. The headquarter of Ashland is back at Covington, Kentucky, U.S.

One of the most renowned oil brands Valvoline is manufactured by Ashland oil, and that goes to show that it’s a remarkable company that has a long history of making premium quality oil across the market. And they are also the manufacturer of Napa oil, which has been in the US market since 1925. 

If you ask who makes napa synthetic oil, some people still confuse the manufacturer with Valvoline. But the original manufacturer of Napa oil is Ashland, and it definitely goes to show the reliability and reputation of the oil.

How Good is the Quality of Napa Oil?

Now that you have a clear idea of who makes napa oil, it’s time to check out some of the qualities of Napa oil. It’ll help you get a better look at all the benefits and drawbacks of using it on your car engine.

Napa oil is undoubtedly a super-premium quality oil for your vehicle. It helps to boosts fuel economy by a lot and helps to give a smoother ride. Also, it drastically reduces the noise in the engine, which is super impressive.

The additives in this oil help with better wear protection that enhances the engine health. That way you can get the best performance out of your vehicle for longer. And, the Napa oil is actually designed to give the best performance while maintaining a great mileage as well. With this oil, you won’t have to worry about the engine drying out.

And if you’ve checked out any napa oil review, you already know that it’s a much cheaper option than most other oil brands. So, you can definitely benefit from using Napa oil instead of any other brand oil.

Napa Oil vs Competitors

The main competitor for Napa oil would be one of the most popular oil brands Mobil 1. There’s no doubt that Mobil 1 is a remarkable oil that you can use on your vehicle. It provides superior performance and safety to the car engine and gives a smoother ride.

The main issue with Mobil 1 is that you have to pay a lot for it. That truly increases the maintenance cost for your vehicle, which is not something you might prefer. However, Napa oil, on the other hand, is a much cheaper alternative to Mobil 1 oil. It’s not much different in terms of performance than the Mobil 1 oil as well. 

So, you can see why Napa oil is a much better option than Mobil 1 as it’s cheaper and gives a great performance as well.

Is Napa a Good Brand of Oil for Cars?

Napa oil is a very renowned brand for oils and it’s been dominating the market since 1925. That long period tells you that they are the real deal. Napa produces some of the most premium quality lubricants that you can get for your vehicle.

When Should I go for an Oil Replacement?

The most obvious sign that you need to replace the oil in your vehicle is the color of the oil. That usually tells you if you actually need to change the oil. Check and see if it has a brownish or transparent color to it. If it does, then you won’t have to sweat over replacements yet. However, if the color is black, you should consider changing the oil.

The engine noise is another thing that gives away the sign that you need to change the oil as soon as you can. When the oil gets old, the engine will start to make weird noises, which is a clear sign that the engine is craving an oil replacement.

You can also check the oil yourself to see if your vehicle needs an oil replacement or not. Just dip your finger in the oil and rub it gently. If you feel too much contamination, that means it’s time to replace the oil.

However, you should know that with any good quality oil, you won’t need to replace the oil more than once every year. But if you use your vehicles excessively, that might be a different case for you. Then you can definitely benefit from these methods.

Is Napa Oil Good for My Car Engine?

Napa oils are undoubtedly one of the best oil that you can use on your car engine. It’ll make it function much smoother and quieter, and it helps to give amazing wear protection as well. Overall, it’s an amazing oil for your car engine and will help to enhance the longevity of it as well. So, it might be a bit pricey, but it’ll definitely pay off in the long run.


Now you know who makes napa oil, and why it’s a great oil to use for your vehicle. As you can already tell, it’s a super reliable oil for the car engine and the manufacturer is very well reputed as well.

However, the price can feel a bit higher than the other branded oil in that case. But if you’d like to get the maximum performance and safety with your vehicle, this is an amazing oil that’ll give you the best experience.

While most people know about Valvoline oils, very few have any idea about the real manufacturer. So, I hope you got a good idea about them and can spread out the word!

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