Do Booster Seats Expire? Know The Real Secret Now

If you have noticed any strange appearance in your kid’s booster seat, the question do booster seats expire is not unusual to appear in your mind. People use booster seats to keep kids safe in cars. But if the booster seat expires, it will be unwise to use that to meet your expectations.

But no more worries, we have figured out the expiration of booster seats for you. Usually, booster seats expire within 6 to 10 years from the date of production. But some signs will speak up for your booster seat and let you know if you should continue using it or not. However, we have gathered every bit of information for you, and keep on reading to know more about it.

Do Booster Seats Expire?

Obviously, they do. First of all, a booster seat is meant to protect your child while the car is running. Kids aren’t stable, that’s the main reason why put babies in a booster seat. While protecting your kid the booster seat can not be working like a new one always obviously. A booster seat might serve for 6-10 years properly. And, of course, you can reuse the booster seat for other kids before expiration.

However, there are some certain reasons which lead the booster seat to expiration such as wear and tear, materials aging, changing regulations frequently, heavy usage, and so on. Let’s get a closer look at the whole thing.

Materials aging is the biggest reason why booster seats expire. Car booster seats are made with plastic which is strong and durable but the fact is the plastic may face some damages due to environmental issues and so on.

On the other hand, different parts of a booster seat get ruined since your kid’s gestures are some tough call. A strap or a cupholder can break while your kid’s playing in the car booster seat. So be as gentle with the baby booster as you can.

Moving on, changing the guidelines of a rear-facing booster seat frequently leads the booster to expiration. But manufacturers keep all of these in mind while putting the date of the expiration sticker on the booster seat. So yes car boosters expire and it would be wise if you discontinue using the booster the moment that expires.

When Do Booster Seats Expire?

when do booster seats expire

Did you know there is no certified rule that can specify the lifespan of a booster seat? On average a car booster seat may expire between 6-10 years from the date of manufacture. But actually, that won’t be the appropriate answer since that isn’t a popular opinion.

So saying that different booster seats come with different lifespans is legitimate. However, if you want to find out the lifespan your booster seat brought with it you should have a closer look at that to get your answer.

Since manufacturers put a label on the booster seat where the lifespan is written, you can figure the lifespan out if you find that label. The date of expiration might be mentioned in the manual too. So if you do not find any sticker stamped into the booster seat then consider checking the manual as well. 

Once you find out the expiration date that would be the answer to your question about when your booster seat will expire. But if you’re looking for an average answer then we’re afraid that there’s no specific answer to that question rather than a guess which says 6-10 years.

The lifespan depends on the brand you’re choosing. ( F.Y.I: the lifespan can be extended with your decent use). 

Why Do Booster Seats Expire?

After knowing when booster seats expire one can wonder why possibly that can happen. The sophisticated reasons which work behind the expiration of booster seats include wear and tear, changing regulations, recalls, the limits of manufacturer testing, etc, let us elaborate.

To begin with, we can mention wear and tear. The wear and tear can happen due to some activities of your little one like chewing on the straps or banging on the cup holders, wear and tear also occur when you go to clean the mess your baby creates on the booster seat. In addition, changing regulations is one of the biggest reasons why booster seats expire.

If you buy a rear-facing car booster seat that will hold your kiddo up to a certain weight you need to change the guidelines along with your baby growing up. So we can say a car booster can never last forever. Some limitations from the manufacturer and rough usage from you can also be the reason for your booster’s expiration.

Can You Use Old Booster Seats?

The answer would be yes if you also have a kid who’s 3 or 4 years old. We say that because old booster cushions are perfectly suitable for kids over 15 kg. Some people sell these old booster cushions. If you read the manual from the manufacturer then you’ll discover that this is a legitimate thing to do. 

But once your child weighs over 22 kg and he’s longer than 125cm, you can’t use the booster for that kid legally anymore. So the bottom line is you can use an older booster for a kid who weighs between 15 to 22 kg.

Wrapping Up

Hope that you got your answer to the question- do booster seats expire? We have tried to share every bit of information for your convenience. Booster seats are essential for your kid’s safety in car seats to protect them from accidents and hard breaks. So if you don’t make sure of the optimum quality of the booster seat, it might not be of the best use.

That’s why you should take into consideration your child’s booster seat and throw it out before it expires. You can make use of the expired booster seat in other ways, and you can also fix it. Otherwise, stopping to use it is the best option to choose. Another tip will be to make sure of the maintenance so that you can expect better longevity. Good luck!

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