Top 7 Best Oil for Flat Tappet Cam Engine – Unlock the Speed Now

best oil for flat tappet cam engine

The benefits of good oil for the flat tappet cam engine can’t be described in words. As a rider, you must know how important it is for an excellent ride. But you need to consider numerous facts about whales choosing the oil because there are numerous useless oils available on the market, which will do … Read more

Rotella T4 vs T6: Which One You Go With? -AutoKitsLab

rotella t4 vs t6

Shell Rotella T is one of the leading heavy-duty engine lubrication product lines in the market. Engine oils, gear oils and coolants are the main varieties of this product line, manufactured by Royal Dutch Rotella. The engine oils of Shell Rotella T have been giving extreme protection from wear and temperature for truck or SUV … Read more

Is 0W 20 Oil Always Synthetic? -The Information You Need to Know

is 0w 20 oil always synthetic

The specialty of 0w-20 oil is that it flows very smoothly at every temperature. It is engineered in a way to flow flawlessly in every aspect possible. This oil successfully increases engine efficiency and makes your engine durable. Now, you might want to know: Is 0w 20 oil always synthetic? In short, Synthetic oil serves … Read more

How Long Does Synthetic Oil Last According to Professionals?

how long does synthetic oil last

Suppose you just bought your new car or your bike and you do not have previous experience of using synthetic oil. So, it is natural that you do not know how long does synthetic oil last. Fear not, I got the answers for you. The longevity of synthetic oil really depends on the type of … Read more

How Much Does a Gallon of Motor Oil Weigh (Simplified)

how much does a gallon of motor oil weigh

From riding to meeting up with the weight regulations, you need to know the motor oil’s accurate weight. Even though there can be a few variations depending on the viscosity, volume, and density, you can still learn the approximate weight. So, How Much Does a Gallon of Motor Oil Weigh? Though it depends on different … Read more

Is Motor Oil Flammable? Know About the Shocking Facts

is motor oil flammable

How often has it happened that you were working with your motor oil, and suddenly a question crossed your mind – what if the oil catches fire near a cigarette. Can this happen when I am driving the car? It is quite obvious that you think the motor oil is flammable. If you are among … Read more