Can You Cook with Motor Oil? An Interesting Fact to Know

Motor oil is very familiar to all of us, right? We all are familiar with the fact that different kinds of oils are used in different premises. You can’t use the same oil for everything.

Similarly, motor oil has a different sector of usage too. Although motor oil is used for vehicles, a weird thought may arise in your mind: if you can cook with it or not.

So, Can you cook with motor oil? In short, no. Motor oil can’t be used for cooking. Motor oil comes with toxic chemicals for the human body. So using motor oil can never be the option for cooking.

We think there are few more certain things which you should know about motor oils. Let’s get to know those now!

Can You Cook with Motor Oil?

Motor oil is toxic to humans. The reason behind this hazard is, motor oil contains a lot of toxic ingredients which are very dangerous for the human body.

Motor oil generally contains a lot of additives which are toxic. These additives work great in motor oil as a motor lubricant.

But these additives are so unsafe and dangerous to eat, that even the smallest portion can make you sick instantly.

Drinking motor oil or cooking with motor oil is so dangerous that it can even bring death sometimes! Not only humans but also animals are unable to intake motor oil.

You can cook with every kind of mineral oil. But unfortunately, motor oil includes none of the ingredients of mineral oil.

So, in short, you can’t cook with motor oil. Cooking with motor oil can cause severe organ damage that you may even die!

From organ failure to extreme damage, everything can happen due to the intake of motor oil in your foods. So, you have to be very careful with even the single drop of motor oil in your food.

Why Can’t You Cook with Motor Oil?

The very first thing you should keep in mind is that motor oil tastes terrible. If you try to taste this, you have to regret your choice later. It’s better if you do not put any attempt at tasting motor oil.

Motor oil is totally toxic for the human body because it isn’t pure mineral oil. Even mineral oil isn’t digestible. So, how can you trust motor oil?

Besides, motor oil includes none of the additives which are beneficial for the human body. Besides, motor oil contains harmful chemicals and substances. After even having this for a single drop, you will get sick.

That’s why you shouldn’t consider motor oil safe and cook with it. Motor oil effects on humans are very damaging and dangerous that the whole idea will sound insane to you once you know the aftermath.

Did you know almost all the additives of motor oil are poisonous? After entering your body, it will affect the whole system of your body. From lung failure to heart and liver damages, everything is possible after consuming motor oil.

Apart from health issues, another thing is, motor oil is very costly. Cooking with motor oil is also not possible because of its high price. This thing makes the motor oil fact for cooking even worse.

What Will Happen if Someone Cooks with Motor Oil?

Every little element of this world runs in a restricted way. We can’t do anything randomly, which makes us feel unhealthy.

Cooking with motor oil is equal to calling diseases and death to you slowly but surely. If you are planning to cook with motor oil, then there are a few things you should know before you cook with motor oil.

  • Your food will taste like the worst food even if you cook it with motor oil.
  • The toxic additives of the motor oil will make your food poisonous.
  • You will have to suffer from a lot of diseases by having the food cooked with motor oil.
  • Motor oil is not budget-friendly. You have to spend more money on buying one-litre motor oil than pure mineral oil.
  • The danger of death may roam around you if you eat the food cooked with motor oil.

Can You Drink Motor Oil?

Motor oil is very harmful to our lungs, liver and other vital organs. The additives motor oil contains are very harmful as we stated before.

So, no matter if you drink or cook, it will do the same harm to you. Even the consumption of a little amount of motor oil is hazardous for humans.

People who have heart problems; a single drop of motor oil can be dangerous for them. Even they may lose their lives if they take a sip of motor oil.

Drinking motor oil can be more harmful to kids. The lung can literally burn off drinking the oil. That’s why, even on the bottle of motor oil, it is written to keep that away from kids.

Is motor oil toxic?

The additives included in motor oil are harmful, toxic and life-threatening. The heavier petroleum in motor oil makes the motor more toxic for the human body. Used and burnt out motor oil is even more dangerous for humans.

The toxicity of motor oils worst hampers the whole human body. You can’t even imagine how dangerous a little drop of motor oil is for your body!

The toxicity of motor oil is enough to destroy the immunity of the human body. We think you can now understand how toxic motor oil is for your health.

Will Drinking Engine Oil Kill You?

If you let any kind of toxic oil enter your body, then you have to suffer much. Engine oil is not different from other toxic oils. Drinking this also can bring problems in your lung and kidney.

Your life will be at risk if you drink engine oil. Engine oil includes a very little amount of mineral oil. Even mineral oil isn’t fully digestible for humans.

So, the drinking engine oil will be very harmful to you. Drinking excessive amounts of any kind of engine oil can bring death as well.

Can You Deep Fry Food in Motor Oil?

Deep frying motor oil will make your food toxic. You can’t have that meal. So, no, you can’t deep fry food in motor oil. Eating that fried food will cause toxic reactions to your body.

Even if you anyhow manage to deep fry with motor oil, you can’t have that food which is fried by motor oil because that food will become poisonous after frying with motor oil. 

Is Motor Oil Toxic on the Skin?

Direct use of motor oil on your skin is obviously harmful. You will feel irritation and dryness. You may also have allergic reactions after using it.

Motor oil is toxic for the skin as well as the human body. The petroleum and toxic additives of motor oil are never good for human skin. You should never apply motor oil on your skin.

Applying motor oil on your skin may lead to many problems. So it’s better that you stay away from doing that.

Wrapping up

We hope that only curiosity has led you to the question: Can you cook with motor oil? In this article, we have explained all about that.

So now you know that you can’t cook with motor oil because of the toxicity in it. Your food will be poisonous if you do so.

Though the whole cooking with motor oil idea is totally insane, we highly recommend you not to try this at home. This can lead you to serious health problems.

We expect that we could help you with all the related information regarding this. Read everything and enrich yourself. Good luck!

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