Who Makes Carquest Oil? – Know Everything About Carquest Oil

As a car owner, knowing about different brands of oils is super helpful. It helps you to cut off the maintenance expenses for your vehicle, help to expand the longevity of the engine, and keep it running at its absolute best. But do you know who is the manufacturer of Carquest oil, or is it any better than other branded oils?

It’s quite obvious that you don’t know who makes Carquest oil. The Carquest oil is manufactured by a Valvoline maker company, Ashland petroleum. They are one of the best and renowned lubricant manufacturers in the world. 

As it’s not a super well-renowned brand like Mobil, you can easily miss it if you are not familiar with the car accessories industry. That means, if you don’t, you might be missing out on some great deal. So, let’s dive into everything about Carquest oil that you should know. 

Who Makes Carquest Oil

Before you move on to the advantages and drawbacks of Carquest oil, it’s always a better idea to take a closer look at the manufacturer of this oil. The first thing to know is that Carquest oil is blended and packaged by Amalie.

However, a lot of people actually mistake them as the manufacturer, which is not the case. Now, if you ask who owns Amalie oil, things will get a lot clearer. It currently runs under a company called Barketts. 

But Carquest oil is manufactured by Ashland petroleum, who are the makers of Valvoline. So, when you ask who makes Carquest 15w40 oil, people will refer to Valvoline as the manufacturer.

And if you know about Valvoline, you know that it’s been producing top-class lubricants for vehicles for years. Established in 1866, now it’s definitely one of the most renowned lubricant suppliers. So, you know when you get Carquest oil, you are getting the oil that’s produced from a trusted and reputed brand.

The Quality of Carquest Oil

Now you know about the manufacture of Carquest oil, and you can tell that it’s a real deal. But how do you know if it’s any good for your own vehicle? For that, you need to know the qualities of Carquest oil. 

The unique thing about Conquest oil is that it has fewer additives in it compared to other branded oils. However, that doesn’t compromise the wear protection, as it helps protect the car engine pretty well. 

Also, it works perfectly in both high and low temperatures, which can come in handy in so many different scenarios. The Conquest oil doesn’t dry out the engine after a while like most other cheaper quality oils. It gives you great mileage, and you can change the oil once a year. That helps to cut the cost of oil replacement, which is amazing as well.

Using Conquest oil in your engine also boosts the fuel efficiency of the engine as well. That helps to reduce that cost massively. This oil is pretty premium quality as well. That allows you to use it on any top-class vehicle and you’ll get the best performance and mileage without any issue.

However, it might feel a bit more pricey if you compare it with other cheaper alternatives available out there. Also, it doesn’t have anything too special that’ll make it stand out and make it an obvious option to get. But it is definitely a great oil in terms of quality and performance. Also, it helps with the fuel economy and provides greater protection to the car engine. 

So, if you’d like to get only the best oil for your luxurious car and don’t want to compromise the quality to save money, then this is a perfect option for you. Go for it, and you might fall in love with its quality and performance.

Pros and Cons of Carquest Oil

Now that you know a lot about Carquest oil, it’s time to check out some of the pros and cons of this oil. It might be a premium quality oil, but it definitely has some benefits and some drawbacks as well. So, let’s check them out real quickly down below.


  • A unique combination of base oils and additive systems
  • Gives maximum performance in both high and low temperature
  • Enhances fuel efficiency 
  • Great wear protection
  • Helps to keep better engine health
  • Keeps the oil pressure steady
  • Clear oil color
  • Provides good milage
  • Ensures a smooth riding experience 
  • Premium quality oil, suitable for top class vehicles


  • Pretty expensive compared to other branded oils
  • Contains fewer additives
  • Nothing too special about it considering the price
  • The owner’s manual doesn’t contain a lot of important information that you’d have to look up manually 


Who produces the Carquest oil?

Carquest oil is mainly produced by Ashland petroleum, the makers of Valvoline that’s a pretty well-renowned brand. However, Amalie oil blends and packages the Carquest oil, and that’s why a lot of people mistake Amali oil to be the actual manufacturer of Carquest oil.

Is Carquest a good brand of oil for my car?

Carquest oil is a superb quality oil for your car as it’s produced by Valvoline, which has a long reputation of producing top-class lubricants across the market.

Is Carquest oil good for the car engine?

Carquest oil is actually a great quality oil for your car engine. However, it has a bit fewer additives compared to other branded oils, but it gives pretty well anti-wear protection and keeps the car engine running at its maximum capacity.


That was all that you need to know about Conquest oil. We covered a lot of information including who makes Carquest oil, the qualities of the oil, and the benefits and drawbacks.

That should be more than enough to give you a better idea, which will help you to see whether it’s the right oil for your vehicle or not. 

The brand definitely has the reputation of manufacturing top-class lubricants for vehicles across the market. So, you can give it a go, and it might surprise you with its quality and performance.

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