5 Worst Motor Oil Brands to Avoid & Alternatives Included

Motor oil works as a lubricant to the car components and reduces friction within the components. Your motor oil will ensure a swift drive and smooth run. That’s why you should be very careful about the choice of your car’s motor oil.

But what if the motor oil you choose is of no use? Well, it sounds really scary to us because we know how harsh the effect a bad motor oil can put on your engine. Using bad motor oil can increase the engine’s noise. Also, with the lack of proper lubrication, the inner components will get damaged.

So, today, we are going to save your back from this trouble. We are going to share the 5 bad motor oil brands to avoid in 2021, and also a few amazing alternatives that will blow your mind!

Without any further delay, let’s get enlightened!

5 Bad Motor Oil Brands to Avoid & Alternatives Too

Now, we are on our way to share our well-researched results with the worst motor oil brands. Hold tight because we are going to share some harsh truths to save your back. Are you ready? Let’s jump into it!

Here is a quick look for you on what to avoid and on what you can rely on:

Worst BrandsBest BrandsRecommended Product
Liberty Motor OilCASTROLCheck Here
Petrola Motor OilVALVOLINECheck Here
Xpress Lube ProAMAZON BASICSCheck Here
QuestronLIQUI MOLYCheck Here
Quaker State QPENNZOILCheck Here

1. Liberty Motor Oil

The main purpose of using motor oil is to run your car smoothly and protect your engine using the lubrication that it serves. But if you use the motor oil of this brand, you are going to damage your engine for sure.

Also, the specialties that this brand is promising, don’t serve a maximum of those. As a result, there will be no blame upon you if you feel betrayed. You will literally get the viscosity level below 70%, which is totally unacceptable compared to what they are promising for each of their oil models.

Moreover, almost all of their motor contains volatility more than the allowed level. As with the increased volatility, the rate of evaporation increases; you understand how wasteful it is to buy, right? The additive of the engine’s motor oil increases the lubrication. But liberty motor oil brand has been found to have a lower level of additives than it’s required in every quarter.

Best Alternative Brand to PickCastrol

 Castrol is leading the oil brands with its powerful motor oils. When you are looking for something incredible to rely on, undoubtedly Castrol will be the best alternative of Liberty Motor Oil. It is very convenient and suitable for modern cars.

Here is our special pick from Castrol motor oil brand:

Castrol 03057 GTX MAGNATEC 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

This motor oil is very well known for keeping your engine healthy. It reduces engine wear and friction, maintaining the durability of your engine.


  • High mileage as promised in every bottle
  • Excellent protection for miles
  • Amazing wear protection for an extended period
  • Better overall performance


  • May not work as fully synthetic

Check Latest Price

2. Petrola Motor Oi

Firstly, the packaging issue is very concerning for this motor oil. You will be irritated by the packaging quality that it comes in. The low-quality packaging will disappoint you in the first place. Also, this brand misleads the user with the wrong information on the label. The viscosity level that they promise to serve is not real.

Whereas, they provide way below the level of viscosity to the user, which can be alarming for your car. Unknowingly even if you use it, it will create a massive danger to your vehicle. You won’t get the accurate SAE specification though they promise to provide that.

We noticed that with the very little amount of specification that they have, this oil brand is not suitable for most motor vehicles after the 1930s. So, if you own a new model of car, it will be dangerous for you to use the oil of this brand. So we have considered this as one of the bad motor oil brands that you should avoid.

Best Alternative Brand to PickVALVOLINE

This is another brand that you can rely on fully for the health of your engine. The Usage of unique technology makes the oils of this brand more effective. You can fully rely on this brand for your engine’s health.

Here is our special pick from Valvoline motor oil brand:

Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology SAE 10W-30 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

This one is known to serve high mileage to your vehicle without creating any damages. Let’s know what you will get from this oil:


  • Maintains the engine health by reducing friction
  • Builds up protection against deposits and heat
  • Maximizes the engine life
  • Serves sear protection so that your engine remains as new always


  • It may cause a container leak sometimes.

Check Latest Price

3. Xpress Lube Pro

Here is another brand that has totally disappointed us in many ways. This motor oil does not provide even the minimum SAE grade that is required for the sae declared motor oils. Though almost all of their models promise to have SAE grades, the feedback is not what they show to us. This is totally misleading, and tests of their oil has proven it.

We assume that many of the riders and drivers do not use the old models now. Even if you use an old vehicle will you drive? To save you from big trouble, here is the truth. You can’t even use this oil for most of the modern models. Besides, after the element analysis, we have found many harmful substances that you should be away from.

The fake labeling is another big turnoff about this brand. They promise to serve a lot of specifications but in reality, their specifications don’t even meet their promised words. So it’s better if you avoid this brand.

Best Alternative Brand to PickAmazonBasics

 When you want the best-guaranteed performance, you have to switch to this alternative. This is one of the leading motor oil brands of 2020. Moreover, your engine health will be well protected with this motor oil.

Here is our special pick from AmazonBasics motor oil brand:

AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil

From high mileage to extended protection, you will always get the most needed specifications from this oil. It reduces engine wear and friction. Let’s know what you will get:


  • Prevents corrosion and keeps the engine rust-proof
  • Emits any kind of exhaustion immediately
  • Prevents thermal breakdown successfully
  • Prevents engine wear successfully by reducing friction


  • Doesn’t come in a good container

Check Latest Price

4. Questron

Though they assure that they ensure premium quality in their motor oils, this is not true. In fact, we have found a lot of misleading in their labeling, ingredients, and even different properties that they serve.

First of all, we have tested this oil; one of their motor oil was known to be a premium grade oil, which is so wrong! We found literally no premium quality material in their labeled oil. Also, there was the presence of enough harmful substances, which can surely damage your engine.

Besides, you won’t be able to use it for many of the new models. Though you will never understand it before you buy and damage your engine. Also, this brand also does not meet the assured Viscosity Grade that they promise to have. So you can easily trust them and fall for their trap. Their cold Crank Viscosity at -25°C is of the least amount, which usually should be around 7,000 Max.

Best Alternative Brand to PickLiqui Moly

Here is another pick for the greatest engine performance. This is the best alternative for the questron brand. The motor oil of this brand will protect your engine from any kind of damage.

Here is our special pick from Liqui Moly motor oil brand:

Liqui Moly (2011 Top Tec 4200 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil

If you want to reduce the engine’s exhaustion, you can get this oil. It will serve you with the outstanding performance of your engine. Let’s know what it serves:


  • Compatible with almost all types of engines
  • Enriched with longer drain intervals
  • Variety of available flavors
  • Reduces engine damage successfully


  • May arrive a little bit late

Check Latest Price

5. Quaker State Q

Almost all the motor oils of this brand are accused of misleading and false specifications as well. You may notice different labeling on the body of this product, but in reality, these are so fake! So imagine how much damage you are going to bring to your engine if you use this engine oil?

The specifications that this brand promises to have in oils are not the necessary specifications for multi-viscosity motor oil. So if you are not aware of what a multi-viscosity oil should contain, you will easily be fooled by their sweet talk.

Even if you use a new car, your car will stop working soon if you use this one. Furthermore, you won’t get the necessary additives for your car. As there is a lack of necessary additive levels, your car’s engine won’t run smoothly. So, the main purpose of using motor oil won’t be fulfilled.

Best Alternative Brand to Pick- Pennzoil

 Here’s the alternative of the mentioned brand that we couldn’t help but put in the choice. Especially the synthetic oils of this brand are amazing to serve your every purpose.

Here is our special pick from AmazonBasics motor oil brand:

Pennzoil 550046127 Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil

This is a motor oil that you can rely on fully for the health of your engine. This is a popular and renowned motor oil that you can’t deny. With different qualities, Pennzoil can enrich your needs. Let’s know what this brand will serve you:


  • Thermal protection and compatibility with cold temperature
  • The full synthetic formula for many oils which makes your engine smooth and fast
  • Serves the best performance
  • Protects the engine against overheating


  • Your engine may make noise

Check Latest Price

Wrapping up

Now that you have known about the worst choices of motor oil brands and the alternatives as well, we hope this will help you to make a wise decision. We hope that we have been helpful to you with the answers to some of the worst motor oil brands to avoid. This article will save your car and car’s engine.

You can choose from the top alternatives that we have shared with you. After a lot of research and personal experience, we have gathered the best choices for your engine. Specially, we would suggest you get the AmazonBasics engine motor oil for top-notch feedback.

So, make your choice and drive with a healthy engine. Enjoy!

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