Where Can I Legally Change My Oil? -Get Expert’s Help

If you are new with car maintenance, you might often need to handle the oil change independently. But newbies feel troubled with finding the appropriate location to change the oil. So should you change the oil on the street?

If you want to know, Where can I legally change my oil? then we must tell you that every state has different laws in this regard. We have found that it is not illegal in almost every state to change the car oil on the street. But in the case of safe disposal of the old fluids, there are some legal bindings to follow. Therefore, in some states, the streets’ oil change can be a violation of the legal rules. Otherwise, you can change your oils anywhere.

But there are fewer things more to know. Today we will share an elaborate idea on where you can change the oil and where it’s prohibited. Let’s know in detail!

Where Can I Legally Change My Oil?

Though most people take help from oil changing shops for an oil change, you might sometimes need to handle it independently. In those cases, the appearance of this question is usual. However, it’s a pretty critical issue because each of the states’ legal tactics is different from one another. But we will try to make this issue clearer to you as much as we can.

In the case of legal violations, most of the states do not have any strict law for an oil change. Especially if you want to change the car oil in your apartment garage or your lawn, it depends on the owner if they let you change the oil or not. But if you are the owner, then you can easily change the car oil there.

Besides, if you want to change the oil on the street, sometimes there can be some states’ legal issues. For instance, changing car oil in Los Angeles can be a violation of law LAMC 85.01, for which you will have to pay a $53 fine. But you won’t have to go to jail for changing oils in any streets, that’s for sure.

If the oil change is inevitable for you, you can still do it anyway. However, even though the oil changing in the streets is not accountable as a big crime, the unknowing and stupid disposal of old oils can be. Because you need to follow a specific way of disposing of the old oils. Otherwise, it can be hazardous for you and other people as well.

So, if you want to know our suggestions, it will be best if you go to an oil changing shop to change the oils. Otherwise, you can change it in your apartment garage or lawn. And in serious cases, you can change the oil in the streets safely. But know about your state’s law of oil changing first.

Where Can I Change My Oil if I live in an Apartment?

If your apartment agreement allows you, you can change the oil in the car garage. But some apartment lease agreements do not allow the oil change in the car garage. In those cases, either you can change the oil in the streets if that doesn’t violate your state rules; otherwise, you can’t help but take your car to a shop.

Most of the time, the oil changing cost is not much to pay for. In fact, when you do it on your own, it will cost almost the same. That’s why we suggest the users change the car oil with expert hands. Many shops will change your oil within the shortest possible time, and they handle the old oils safely. So, there will be no safety hazards as well.

So if you are seeking places in your apartment for an oil change, the only area that we can suggest is the garage or lawn. Otherwise, you have to take your car to nearby oil change shops.

Can I Change My Oil at Autozone?

No. You can’t change your oil at Autozone. They don’t allow the oil change in their location. But as AutoZone provides suggestions on vehicles and accessories, you can seek their help about where you can change your cat oil. They help people in this regard.

Apart from Autozone, if you want to change your car oil in front of other big malls and shops, they will certainly allow you to do that. But in the case of an oil changing shop, you might need to buy your necessary oil changing instruments from them if you want to use their area.

Why You Shouldn’t Change Your Own Oil?

There are a few reasons why you should not perform the oil change on your own. Now we will share the reasons one by one:

  • First of all, no matter if you change the oil on your own or by a shop, the cost variation is not more than 10$. On the other hand, if you perform the oil change on your own, it may take a long time as we assume you are not an expert, at least not like professional oil change shops. So, if you consider the utility, it’s better to rely on the oil change shops.
  • The second reason is, there are a lot of things to consider before changing the oil. Especially the temperature and weather conditions. If you don’t consider these facts, you may damage your engine and hurt or injure yourself as well. Because in case of high temperatures, the engine becomes hot like 200 degrees celsius, which can be dangerous if you do not handle it properly.
  • If you decide to do the oil change on your own, there can be a scarcity of a proper place to do that. Moreover, if you do not know the lawful places to change the oil, you may fall into legal issues as well. On top of that, many states have strict laws against random old oil disposal.
  • Moving to the next hazard, the old and dirty oil. This is super toxic for both you and the animals. So no matter how carefully you perform the changing if accidentally you pour even one drop of the old oil, that can be life-threatening for the animals.
  • Another major concern is, during the oil change, the oil changing auto shops can tell you if your engine is performing healthy or not. With zero experience, you can’t tell that when you change the oil. So, there might be unknown potential hazards for you.

Closing Words

Many of you asked us, where can I legally change my oil? We hope that you have got the answer by reading this article. Even though we have stated that most of the countries and states do not have any strict laws against this, you should know your state’s law at first.

But our suggestion will be to rely on an auto shop to change your oil. Because the cost that you need to spend is almost the same, whereas you might need to spend more hours and energy while changing the oil on your own. Hopefully, you can decide on it better.

So, make the wise decision and make the oil changing process easier. Please do not perform the old oil disposal without precautions because that can be hazardous.

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