Top 7 Best Oil for Mazdaspeed 3 Which are Recommended in 2021

best oil for mazdaspeed 3

The Mazdaspeed 3 is produced in two generations. The first generation was (2007-2009), and the second generation was (2010 -2013). Both of the two generation’s Mazdaspeed 3 is popular among the people.

The Mazdaspeed 3 recommends using 5W-30 viscosity oil to get maximum performance. To get the highest performance, you have to use the right oil. But choosing the right brand of oil is quite difficult while there are many options in your hand.

In this article, we will discuss the 7 best oil for mazdaspeed 3. If you can’t select any oil for your car, you can check out our article to choose the right one.

Best Oil for Mazdaspeed 3 Reviews

Now let’s drive into the top 7 recommended oils review for your Mazdaspeed 3:

1. Castrol 03559 Edge 5W-30 -Advance Full Synthetic Oil

Castrol is one of the leading brands in the automobile oil industry and provides you different viscosity oils based on various vehicle engines. For your Mazdaspeed 3 car Castrol 03559 edge motor oil is the best choice for you.

Technical Features

Fluid Titanium Technology

The company uses fluid titanium technology to produce this motor oil. This technology ensures the oil efficiency to offer you the maximum performance of your car.

Reduce Viscosity Breakdown

The Castrol oil is 3X stronger against viscosity breakdown. As a result, you can drive your car under any weather conditions without any disturbance. On top, less trouble ensures your driving efficiency.

Reduce Power Rubbing Friction

Metal to metal friction is one of the common reasons to reduce your engine’s life. As the Castrol 03559 oil is fully synthetic, that’s why it makes every metal of your engine so slippery they don’t come with each other touch while driving the car.


  • Improve fuel economy
  • Affordable price
  • Smoother engine performance
  • No exhaust smoke


  • Not perfect for BMW car.

2. Valvoline 5W-30 Synthetic Blend -Best for High Mileage

While you are looking for a high mileage oil for your Mazdaspeed 3, you can rely on the Valvoline 5W-30 synthetic blend oil. This high mileage premium oil is owned and operated by Americans.

Valvoline synthetic oil’s price can not be beaten, and the quality is outstanding for the price. This oil pleases you in your long drive experiences. As the oil’s viscosity is 5W-30, it prevents a hard engine from starting at low temperatures.

Technical Features

Used MaxLife Technology

MaxLife Technology helps to maximize your car’s engine life over 75,000 miles. The oil is thick and it’s sustainable anti-wear film offers you an extra layer to prevent the car’s engine breakdown.

Blend Synthetic and Premium Conventional Oil

The company produces the Valvoline synthetic high mileage oil with a blend of synthetic and premium conventional oil. It has an extra cleaning agent that protects the car’s deposits and friction.

Additional Anti-Wear Additive

Your car’s engine life may reduce due to a lot of wear and tear. But a quality oil can protect your car’s engine from extra wear and tear. Thanks to Valvoline because they use additional anti-wear additives to protect the engine’s wear and tear.


  • First high mileage oil
  • Protect sludge and deposits
  • Available in easy pour
  • Available in 4 grades
  • Trusted by 150 years


  • Customers’ service should improve.

3. Pennzoil 550046126 5W-30 -Best for Platinum Full synthetic

The Pennzoil is the first motor oil that is made from natural gas. If you like to use a natural lubricant for your engine, it can be the perfect match for your Mazdaspeed.

This oil is not crude and doesn’t harm your engine; instead enhances the engine’s life span by reducing engine deposits and wear.

Technical Features

Used PurePlus Technology

The company used unique PurePlus technology when they convert the oil natural gas oil to pure synthetic oil. On a positive note, as they use proper SAE guidelines to produce this oil, it ensures your high-quality driving experiences.

Offer a Better Fuel Economy

You can drive more than 550 miles extra per year on average oil. Even it keeps your car’s engine piston at least 45% cleaner than the most challenging standard. No other oil provides as much wear protection as the Pennzoil oil.

Protect the Engine From Power Loss

How irritating the car’s power loss while you are on the way! Yes, Pennzoil knows it, and their oil protects your car’s engine from sudden power loss. It is a crystal clear oil and has fewer impurities than any other conventional and synthetic oil.


  • Well lubrication on metal.
  • Works as the lifeblood of your engine
  • Reasonable price
  • Observe the engine’s low-speed and pre-ignition system


  • You don’t get it in your local retailer shop.

4. Royal Purple 51530 -Best for High Performance

Our review list keeps the Royal Purple 51530 5W-30 viscosity’s oil because of its high performance. It is designed for any industrial application.

It ensures your engine’s parts’ lubrication to reduce metal contraction, deposit development, and wear protection.

Technical Features

LSPI Protection

Low-Speed Pre-Ignition is one of the main reasons for engine damage or reduces engine performance. The Royal Purple oil enhances protection against LSPI. So the Lower LSPI means the higher engine life span.

Excellent Friction Protection

Metals come into contraction when the engine runs. And too much metal contraction reduces metals strength and increase metals corrosion. The Royal oil’s excellent protection against metal friction ensures your quality drive.

Superior Fuel Economy

You can use every drop of your oil because the company ensures 0% of oil wastage. The Royal Purple knows every single penny is valuable for a consumer.


  • Minimum engine deposits
  • Maximum horsepower
  • Protect from sludge and varnish
  • Less LSPI for better drivability


  • Packaging needs improvement

5. Liqui-Moly 5W-30 Synthetic Oil

You can use the Liqui-Moly Synthetic oil for your gasoline and diesel power car. That means you get two benefits from one oil. This oil is specially designed for BMW, Mazdaspeed, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, etc.

Technical Features

Used HC Synthetic Technology

The Lique-moly used the HC Hydrocarbons technology to produce this 5w-30 synthetic oil. This technology provides you extreme protection against wear and reduces oil consumption.

Reduce Deposits Development

A high amount of deposit development can ruin your engine and increase your engine maintenance cost. As the Lique Moly reduces the development of the deposit so indirectly, it also reduces expenditure.

Extended Engine Maintenance Intervals

We know you care about your car and the Liqui-Moly also cares about your vehicle. They designed this oil in such a way that it can ensure less metal friction, less engine wear, and high performance in any weather.


  • Win three Germans awards for a famous oil brand.
  • Oil change interval is up to 30000-50000 km
  • 100% full synthetic oil
  • Affordable price


  • Need improvement on MPG

6. Formula Shell 550055245 5W-30 Motor Oil

The Formula Shell 5W-30 oil is specially designed for Mazdaspeed cars and light trucks. It reaches the requirements of the North American warranty for the USA. This is a conventional and synthetic combined oil which is perfect for gasoline and turbocharged engine.

Technical Features

Excellent in High Temperature

When you choose an oil for your car, temperature plays a vital role because the engine’s performance varies according to weather. The Formula Shell can ensure its highest performance in hot weather.

Protect Deposits

Deposits and engine wear reduce the engine’s performance. But this oil works as a shell against deposit development and wear. So you can go a long drive without thinking twice about an oil change.

Smooth Drive

Who doesn’t want a smooth driving experience with his/her Mazdaspeed car? But when you select the wrong oil, it is like a daydream to get the smooth drive. If you use the Formula Shell oil you can get a smoother running car in an old car. That seems to you like a brand new car.


  • Get a long-lasting engine.
  • Less metal contraction
  • Less oil wastage


  • A bit pricey

7. Mobil 1 (106035) 5W-50 Motor Oil

If you are looking for a brand of oil produced under engineers’ practical observation, then Mobil 1 5W-50 is the right choice for you. This oil is easily applicable and reduces the engine’s scuffs. This oil is the correct choice for any light and heavy-duty vehicle.

Technical Features

Superb High and Low-Temperature Performance

It is a tiresome task to change oil according to weather conditions. Such as cold weather demands one kind of oil and hot weather requires another type of oil. But the Mobil 1 oil works like two in one. That means it performs excellently in both high and low temperatures.

Excellent Fuel Economy

Sometimes, the best performing oils are expensive, and you have to spend some extra bucks. But it is not valid while we are talking about Mobil 1 oil. The company offers you a high performing oil at a reasonable price.

No Sludge and Deposits

No sludge and deposits mean using the engine some extra years and not by adding additional cost.  Yes, Mobil improves sludge and deposit development on your car’s engine.


  • Enhance engine’s durability
  • Keep your engine clean.
  • Accurate oil formulation
  • Excellent performance in -53° and +400° Fahrenheit.


  • Hard to find in a retail shop

The Oil Changing Procedures of Mazdaspeed 3

The company suggests changing the oil after every 12000 kilometers or 75000 miles to get maximum efficiency from the car. So it will be best if you can do the simple work by yourself.

The essential equipment to change the oil:

  • A 17 millimeter Allen wrench to open the drain plug
  • A jack to raise the car
  • A pan to drain oil
  • A small piece of cloth to clean your hand
  • New 5w-30 oil

Step by step instructions for changing the oil

If you follow these simple processes, you can successfully change the oil in less than 30 minutes. Let’s have a look at the processes.

Step 1: Get access to the oil drain plug

The oil plug is situated under the car. First, you have to raise the vehicle with a jack to access the oil drain plug. Place an oil pan exactly under the oil tank. Then open the plug with the Allen wrench from the oil tank. Now, the old oil starts to drain from the tank. Let it some times to drain all the oil from the tank.

Step 2: Cover the plug which you opened

When all the old oil drained from the tank, cover the tank with the plug. You have to attach the plug tightly to avoid any further oil draining or leaks.

Step 3: Remove the air filter

After reinstalling the oil drain plug, place the drain pan under the air filter and open the air filter box. Let drain the oil and reinstall the air filter by twisting your wrist.

Step 4: Open the hood of the car

Now, open the car’s hood to reach the fuel tank cap. Open the fuel tank cap with a wrench. Set an oil funnel on the tank. Pour new oil into the funnel and check it when the tank gets full; after filling the oil tank, reinstall the oil tank cap. Don’t forget to check the oil tank leak to ensure driving safety.

Step 5: Cover the engine hood

It is the last task of changing oil for your Mazdaspeed 3 car. Remove the hood stand and cover the hood.

Final Words

Using proper oil and taking care according to the company’s suggestions may help you to drive your Mazdaspeed 3 car for a longer time. The modern car engines are working hard to take you a long distance within a short time. You have found many brands of oil for your car. But, you have to pick up the best oil for mazdaspeed 3 to have a great experience.

You can use Valvoline oil for high mileage from the seven best oil, Castrol edge, as full synthetic oil. Lastly, we suggest you go with the oil, which is written in the user manual to get the maximum efficiency.

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