Top 7 Best Oil for 50cc Scooter – Few Unbelievable Choices for You

best oil for 50cc scooter

Are you looking for oils for your 50cc scooter? Any average oil won’t work well for your 50cc scooter. Also, you need to notice a lot of things like viscosity, protection, and performance. So struggling to choose the best oil for your demand is not unreal. We understand the struggle more than you cause we have to deal with it every single day!

In order to lessen your trouble, we have brought this content on the best oil for 50cc scooter. Here we have derived the top 7 products from a lot of options that are specially meant for your 50cc scooter. Later on, we will also share a detailed buying guide about things that you need to consider before buying the oil and much more additional information.

Without any further ado, let’s get started with our best picks!

Top 7 Best Oil for 50cc Scooter Reviews

Now we are going to share the choices for the best 50cc engine oil. We have picked the best options for you considering these oils’ protection system, viscosity, and other inevitable factors.

1. Shell Rotella T4 Triple Protection Conventional 15W-40 – Expert Recommended

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty 15w-40 viscosity
  • Triple strong wear protection
  • Created with advanced additive technology
  • Engineered for superior engine cleanliness

Perfect Viscosity

This engine oil is meant to serve you the best with its viscosity level. The viscosity is perfect for your 50cc scooter and supremely compatible with your bike. You will receive heavy-duty performance from this oil.

Triple Action Wear Protection

If you want to make sure of the good health of your engine, you must take care of it. And the one thing that will damage your engine is the engine wear that is induced by the bad engine oil. This engine oil protects your engine from engine wear and therefore keeps the engine health awesome!

Advanced Additive Technology

When you drain the oil, you need advanced technology to maintain the engine’s cleanliness. That’s why this engine oil contains Advanced additive technology to ensure engine cleanliness and long-lasting performance.

Increased Shear Stability

The shear stability helps in viscosity control and therefore the user can go miles without any issue. This oil is best for the shear stability so you will get the viscosity control as well. It also ensures the engine pressure pretty well.


  • Triple Protection from wear protection
  • Long-lasting usage
  • Extra protection against oxidation
  • Maintains optimal oil pressure


  • Stinks so bad

2. Castrol 03094 GTX 10W-40 Conventional Motor Oil– For Long-Lasting Usage

 Key Features:

  • Superior protection against deposit
  • Extended protection against viscosity and thermal breakdown
  • Guaranteed low friction drive
  • Premium additives to improve the ride quality

Prevents Sludges

As an everyday partner, scooters are what need to care the most as their engines get damaged by sludge easily. This is why one should try the Castrol GTX oil for your 50cc scooter as this prevents sludges and helps the bike engine. The sludge preventing formula of this oil is so important for vehicles because sludges can slowly damage the engine and eventually it will end up becoming completely damaged and unable to use.

Premium Conventional Oil

The liquid engineering that this oil contains, makes it the premium engine oil to ensure the greatest quality. This oil contains a unique technique called TriShield Technology that provides superior deposit protection to your engine.

Extraordinary Thermal Protection

You should buy this oil for your jeep as it is rare to find one which protects the engine from viscosity and thermal breakdown so perfectly like this one. To improve the gas mileage of the vehicle, this oil features ultra-low friction.

Best for Long-Lasting Usage

We all want to use an oil that can ensure the durability of our engines. This oil prevents everyday engine problems and extends the engine life like no other industrial oil can. So if you want your scooter’s engine to last for the longest period, you must get this oil.


  • It slays the high mileage.
  • Way better than synthetic oils.
  • Great for the budget.
  • Gives the engine a new extended life.


  • Sometimes oil leaks from the jug.
  • Spreads a terrible smell.

3. YamaLube All Purpose 4 Four Stroke Oil- For Clutch Performance

Key Features:

  • 224 Degrees Celsius flashpoint
  • All-Purpose Oil for meeting up all your needs
  • Suitable for use in 50cc scooters and greatest compatibility with other models
  • Meets the JASO MA Requirements perfectly

Greatest Compatibility

As we all would like to buy the best partner for our best partners like bikes, scooters and all, this oil just slays the service of the best companion to them. Along with the 50cc engine, you will get this compatible with more models as well.

Stable Clutch Service Ensures Security

The stable clutch service that all vehicles need is provided amazingly by this oil with extra security to the engines. As the engines get damaged and lose their usual strength eventually from everyday use, this oil gives extra strength to the engines and also protects the engine from the damages caused by daily use.

Impressive Additives Used

You are going to get the best oil for your road mate if you purchase this oil which contains a total mixture of high quality, mineral-based and ultra-clean additives. It has the highest certificate of being the best motorcycle engine oil that makes sure to serve with proper wet clutch.


This surely would beat the price for you. If you compare the service and other specifications, the price will seem so less to you as well. The maintenance of the correct film and friction between the clutch plates is done so perfectly with this best oil for 50cc scooter oil surely will satisfy anyone.


  • It has an awesome flavor.
  • Contains the proper warmth needed for the betterment of the engine.
  • Improves clutch performance.
  • Improves shifting.


  • It leaks sometimes.
  • Often comes with manufacturing problems.

4. Motul 104034 710 Synthetic Premix Oil- Ensures Engine Cleanliness

Key Features:

  • Meets legal standards so you won’t find any problem while riding
  • Ensures a clean engine to lessen your efforts
  • Creates low smoke
  • Premix oil for 2 stroke engines

Blended Performance

For regular vehicles like bikes and scooters, this mineral oil with flawlessly blended performance is just what we call perfect. Premix motors and oil injections are the perfect ones to use this oil for. The flashpoint of this oil is 88 degrees celsius.

Ensures Extended Safety and Cleanliness

Another great advantage of this oil is that it produces very little smoke, which makes the environment less polluted. As it produces very little smoke, you won’t face any trouble while driving because of the smoke and burnt smell. It is the latest and the most advanced product serving your vehicle perfectly by ensuring the safety and cleanliness of your vehicle’s engine and low smoke.

Improvises Engine Life

This amazing oil extends the engine life as well as making the vehicle run smoothly on the roads. It is highly recommended by the customers to use if you are interested in top-notch oils for premix and injected setups. Unlike other regular oils that are used for regular vehicles, this one avoids the stinky smell which sometimes annoys us the most.

Affordable Price

Anyone can get the awesome and unique service of this oil as it is very cheap and affordable for all. So if you are looking for something budget-friendly, you should buy this one!


  • Gives a smooth ride.
  • Reduces very little smoke.
  • Avoids bad smells.
  • Affordable for anyone.


  • A little bit expensive.
  • Not great in flavor.

5. Royal Purple 01315 Max-Cycle SAE 10W-40 –Improved Engine Condition

Key Features:

  • Contains Synerlec additive chemistry
  • 3 times more load-carrying capacity
  • High film strength for extra protection
  • Included rust and corrosion protection

Improves Engine Condition

Do you want motor oil that will improve your motorcycle engine?  Well, then the Royal Purple Max Cycle is recommended for you. This amazing motor oil can be used in both air-cooled and liquid-cooled 4-cycle engines.

Serves Best Mechanical Performance

Royal purple max cycle is a full synthetic oil. And as it is fully synthetic oil it provides the best mechanical performance. Royal purple max cycle reduces wear and provides your engine a longer life and better service.

Reduces Overheating

Max cycles’ enhanced detonation and reduced friction help to avoid overheating and to prolong the life of both the oil and the engine. You don’t have to change your oil now and then. The motor oil can only provide all these advantages to your engine process because of the complex method of production. Royal purple max cycle is made with proper attention so that it can provide you the best service.

Ensures Extra Rides

With Royal purple max cycle you can go about 12,000 miles easily. It assures you of fewer oil changes. Royal purple max cycle even keeps your engine cleaner compared to other synthetic oils. This motor oil can increase the power of your motor engine. The oil could be a little costly but in the end, it’s all worth it.


  • Cleans engine
  • Prolongs engine life
  • Requires less oil change
  • Increases power


  • Quite costly

6. Maxima (349128 Premium4 10W-40  Engine Oil- Best Performance All the Time

Key Features:

  • Created for best performance all the time
  • Contains advanced additive technology for stability
  • Comes with advanced anti-wear, anti-shear additives
  • Extra anti-scuff additives added

World-Class Riding Experience

Do you love racing and want the best oil for your scooter? Then Maxima engine oil is just for you. Maxima engine oil is specifically made for world-class bikers. The maxima company owners know that you want the best for bikes and that is why they have made this amazing motorcycle engine oil.

Works Better in High Stressed Conditions

Maxima is known as the most coveted engine oil brand in the world of bike racing. Bike racers have been using maxima for decades and maxima has never failed to satisfy them. Bike races are all about high stressed conditions, high speed, and temperature. But Maxima assures a satisfactory performance even in the high stressed situations.

Extended Wear Protection

This engine oil is made for 4 cycle engines. It can protect your engines from being worn off and promises to give your motorcycle engine a long-lasting life. Maxima engine oil also has extra anti-scuff additives which help to handle drastic weight and temperature in high performance.

Easy to Start Formula

This engine oil also assures an easy start and weather formula. So next time when you want to give an unbeatable performance with your bike and leave everyone amazed, consider buying the maxima engine oil.


  • Anti scuff additives
  • Anti-wear
  • Protects engine
  • Easy start


  • Expensive

7. Mobil 1 96936 20W-50 V-Twin –Engine’s Long-Lasting Service

 Key Features:

  • The 20W-50 engine oil ensures the long-lasting outcome
  • Provides optimum horsepower and acceleration
  • Proven extended performance because of the outstanding technology
  • Reduces friction and engine temperatures

Extra Protection

Mobil 1 is known for the best V twin motor oil. This oil is fully synthetic and gives you the best service. Mobil 1 offers excellent protection to 4 cycle engines. Mobil 1 is specially formulated to use in motorcycles. This oil is specifically designed to fulfill the unique needs of your motorcycle.

Monitors the Speed Operation

You can confidently step out with your bike knowing that mobile 1 is going to protect your bike no matter what the situation is. This incredible oil can protect your bike even in speed operation and extended idling in the traffic.

Handles High Temperature

Other conventional oils can not even stand up to these situations like Mobil 1 can. This oil can easily handle high temperatures and always assures you to protect your engine. This oil is made with the help of high technology and that makes it one of the best oils in the market.

Provides Better Performance

Mobil 1 strengthens your engines and prolongs their life. Mobile 1 engine oil is versatile and assures you to give better performance than any other oil. You can not only use this oil in your bike but also in cars, trucks, ATVs. So don’t waste your time and bring the mobile 1 engine oil if you want the best for your bike.


  • Protects bike
  • Can handle high performance
  • Versatile
  • Can be used for other vehicles too


  • Problematic shipping

Buying Guide for the Best Oil For 50cc Scooter

Now we are going to share a few things to take into consideration while buying the oil. These suggestions will help you to decide better and get the perfect oil for you.


Is the oil compatible with your scooter? Is your oil branded? Is the oil well known for its performance? Does the oil play well with the engine of your scooter without heating off? You need to ask these questions to the seller before buying the specific oil for you. If there is compatibility, even low-grade oils will go well for your scooter.


Is the oil of the right viscosity for your scooter is what you need to ask most sincerely. If the oil doesn’t come with accurate viscosity, then there will be no use buying that oil. Also make sure whether the oil is compatible with the engine of your scooter. Using more viscous oil than your engine’s compatibility will slow down the engine.


More concentration means it will burn over for many kilometers. So buying oil of moderate concentration will save up your time and money as well. You can go a long way with just a few liters of the oil. Highly concentrated oil in high temperatures can catch fire due to heating up of the engine so if your city has a high temperature, you should go for less concentrated oils.


It is one of the many factors to take into concentration, as changing the temperature will also cause the viscosity and concentration of the oil to change too. If your living area has a hot temperature, then you should go for more concentrated and viscous oil. If the temperature of your city is cold, then you should go for less viscous and concentrated oil.


Is your oil too costly compared to its performance? Cost shouldn’t be a fact if you are looking for something which gives better performance. You can always go for oils, which will make your scooter run a long way with minimal usage of liters of oil. As a result, the cost will be cut off too.

Environment Friendly:

All oils release toxic gases to the environment which in turn causes global warming. The world is a threat now. So before buying the oil, make sure whether it is environmentally friendly or not. In this case, you can always choose mineral oils.


Oils for 50cc scooters are divided into three types: mineral oils, semi-synthetic oils, and synthetic oils. 50cc scooters are low in power and hence in performance. Hence using the right oil will give it the best performance and smooth ride as well. Not necessarily, you need to buy the most expensive oil. It’s on the advantageous side that for 50cc scooters, you can only spend a few bucks on oils and get it to run.

A few things which you need to keep in mind while choosing the oil are the cost, performance criteria, friction reduction capability, lasting effect, and running capacity for 1L of the oil. As power consumption is low for the 50cc scooter, it is highly preferable to use the mineral oil consisting of brands as they are cost-efficient and environmentally friendly as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Oil Does a 50cc Scooter Take?

Buying your favorite scooter comes with the responsibility of taking proper care of it. And to ensure proper care, you have to make sure of the exact amount of oil. So what is the 50cc scooter oil capacity?

In the answer, you can use 10W-40 motor engine oil in a 50cc scooter.  While changing oil, You have to pour 0.75 quarts of 10W-40 motor engine oil into the engine. Using a funnel will make the process easier.

You should use non-synthetic oil for the first oil change. The non Synthetic oil will help the engine to break in properly when you use it for the first oil change and it is recommended by many too!

A 50cc scooter can last from 20,000 miles to 30,000 miles. Your 50cc scooter is perfect for short distant rides, campus cruising, inner town travel. This is the ride you will want to take whenever you want to have fun with your friends. And while traveling with your 50cc scooter you should change the oil every 1000 miles and transmission oil every 2000 miles.

What kind of oil will be best for a 50cc scooter?

10w30 or 20w30 oil will do well for your 50cc scooter. For the well-being of the engine of your scooter, you should get full synthetic oil like 10w-40 motor oil. For transmission, you can use 80w-90 oil. These oils will offer a good stroke to your scooter and therefore you will get a better performance along with longevity.

Can the oil make my 50cc scooter faster?

Most probably no. Although there are a few impacts of oil in the good service of the scooter that can’t make your scooter run faster. You will need the right parts in your scooter for burning more fuel and make the scooter run faster.

Can I use car oil in my 50cc scooter?

You can use the gasoline or diesel engine oil in your 50cc scooter. Your scooter definitely needs oil which will minimize the amount of friction. That can be done by both of these oils. But experts suggest always using specific oil for your scooter.

Final Verdict

We have given you the best choices and a lot of additional information on the best oil for 50cc scooter. Now you can pick your desired oil for the best performance and protection. All our suggested oils are meant to give you both at a time so there are no further concerns that you should look at.

But do not forget to check the compatibility and manufacturer’s manual before you get the oil. Besides, remember all our mentioned factors in the buying guide to get the best oil for you. Always take help from your local expert if you find any mismatch or issues. Good luck!

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